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Desert Garden

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  • Hey There

    Hi Y'all.:banana-wa I just wandered in and thought I would check things out. My name is Mike. I retired 12/04 at age 54 after being a cop in Long Beach California for 29 years, 8 months and 3 days.... My law enforcement career was rewarding and I look forward to… More

  • Photos of my Raised Beds as Promised

    ... for the nice words. Yes it is a challange in the desert to have a vegetable garden. The soil is not very good and quite alkaline and gets as hard as a rock. The mixture I use is one third organic compost, one third peat moss and… More

  • Nevada Newbie

    ...probably cacti due to the fact that I live in the desert. I am… More

  • Cercidium

    Does anyone know where I can find the paloverde "Desert Museum" in the Beaumont,CA area? I'm willing to travel about 50 miles. I have found large boxes but I need something that we can carry to the spot where it will be planted. Any and all help appreciated. Thanks, Tres More

  • Any Ideas?

    ... I live in central oregon, alos known as the high desert. It gets really hot and it's very dry here in the summer. We get occasional rain and currently we're still getting occasional snow. My husband grew up in the seattle area and he gets really homesick. I was… More

  • Newbie with questions

    ...et used to the backwards growing schedules in the desert. Thus I remain - totally hopeless! On Easter our church had extra Lilies and gave me one - with one… More

  • New To Forum

    ...left, that big hill is our peninsula. I have been gardening most of my adult life. The… More

  • New To Forum

    ...left, that big hill is our peninsula. I have been gardening most of my adult life. The… More

  • And yet another intro...

    A big hello from the high dusty desert of Northern Nevada. My family and I moved here 2 years ago from northwest Oregon. I greatly miss those wet winters, warm summers, and lush green foliage found everywhere! After all this time, I still struggle getting anything to grow in all… More

  • For the StarGate Atlantis fans

    Our middle son found out about two Camaro that were going to be for sale in our area last week and then he found out they are being used in filming Star Gate Altantis. Star Gate Altantis is being filmed in our area for a couple of days because they… More

  • Tantalizing Your Tastebuds

    ...ile ago, and Mary asked me if I wanted a cake for desert today, I had no idea it would be my favorite. I don't even need to tell what it is. John More

  • Another newbie

    ...d with you. I'm somewhat new at gardening being a desert transplant I've never had much luck growing plants in the desert, but here in the NW, wow! I'm loving my new found hobby! Anyway bonjour! ~Kate More

  • Desert Rose Froze... Oh No!!!!

    So, I have what i think is a desert rose. Bought it a few years back and have managed to keep it alive. Its in a pot, and usually sits on my kitchen table, except spring and summer when i take it outside. Anyway, due to unexpected cold temperatures, the… More

  • Saying hello from the "lovely" AZ desert...

    Hi everyone, I'm very new to gardening and will probably have tons of questions, so I apologize in advance if I overload. As of right now I'm trying to figure out how not to kill everything I'm trying to grow, and keep my plants alive through the rest of the… More

  • grass in desert land

    help my garden suffers from extreme of heat nearly 60 degrees in the summer to zero in the winter, this summer it is just dyimg patches of dead areas everywhere it is watered well early mrning and late evening so not in midday sun we fertizier it well but nothing… More

  • Desert growing...

    ...o Phoenix Az and an looking to start my vegetable garden. Anyone have any hints for me? I will tell you my plan first. I need watering help and such. I am sure it will be differant here because of the dry hot hot heat. My house faces to… More

  • New Mexico Home Garden

    In the desert, we have to watch the amount of water we use. We also have very sandy soil. So I made raised beds, fortified the soil and installed a drip system which uses about 1/3 of the water. These are some pictures of our chiles, tomatoes, cilantro, lettuce, spinach,… More

  • Las Vegas Container Gardening

    ...rience on how to set up a container garden in the desert? More

  • Lemon Thyme

    ... closed last year. I bought it a year ago, but my garden was neglected last summer while… More

  • New to group

    ...r weeks now. And no rain, since we are considered desert, and in a drought. But our garden is thriving with tomatoes, yellow summer squash, herbs, beans and fruit trees. We have taken out our back lawn and put… More

  • Dry soil

    ...ng regularly but my soil looks like I live in the desert. One picture shows my gardenMore

  • Joshua trees

    If I miss anything about the California desert, it's the Joshua tree! More

  • Hello's from the desert of Nevada

    ...l yesterday. Like it says in my post on "Over the Garden Fence - Master Gardening Program" I am taking the program, it is due to start in 2 weeks!… More