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  • Non blooming flowers: peony, iris, daylily

    ...oms. The same is true for my siberian iris and my daylilies. I've never gotten a soil test,… More

  • Marking plants to be divided, moved

    I have several daylilies that will need to be divided that are still blooming. I would appreciate input on the best way to id, mark them so I will know the colors when time to make the move. Thanks, bloominnana More

  • Who plans on saving seeds for next year?

    ...ina', Pygmy torch, nasturtium, peppers, tomatoes, daylilies, irises, ladybells, Purple coneflowers, and many more. More

  • I took my lillies inside

    I have potted daylilies and potter asiatic lilies. I decided to take both in for the winter. Reason is that the daylilies are producing a lot of suckers and they are very small. I want to allow them to grow so I can plant them all in a big pot… More

  • Hello from Kaunas (Lithuania)!

    ...us, tulips, irises (TB, dwarff, siberia, spuria), daylilies, glads and dahlias. I hope, I will find many friends here ! More

  • Can't Live Without!

    ...den? I have a small garden and I have the usuals--daylilies, rudbeckia, etc.--but what plants are you just wild about that beginning gardeners might overlook? I'm ready to make a spring shopping list! More

  • What did I buy?

    ...hat she said. (I mean the white plant and not the daylilies.) More

  • how long to grow

    I planted cannas, daylilies, calla lilies, bearded iris, and tiger lily bulbs about a week and a half ago and was wondering about how long it would be before I saw signs of life. I was also wondering if maybe they would bloom this year. Any help? More

  • Fireworks are starting...

    In my garden! I have about 150 hybrid daylilies in my garden and this time of year my garden starts exploding. Sharing a few pics of my early bloomers. Not the best pics, but here they are nonetheless! :D More

  • Has anyone ever used Ferti Lome Over the Top Grass and Weed Killer?

    ... I have an iris bed that also is bordered by some daylilies and in the middle of… More

  • Daylily from seed

    Hi, I have a few daylilies in my garden. A couple buds on them are drying and have little black seeds in them. Can I sow these seeds for new plants? Also can I grow daylilies in containers? More

  • How do I transplant Daylilies

    ...xt March/April & I will have to move about 12 daylilies. The ground may still be froze at that time & the lilies may not be visible through the ground yet. Is it possible to dig them now & keep them through the winter some… More

  • daylilies seeds

    where are the seed on an orange daylily?? I can't find any??? More

  • Lilies and Daylilies

    Here are some photos of daylilies and lilies that bloomed in my garden this year. 76208 76209 More

  • Daylilies

    Does anyone know the name of the red re-blooming daylily - can only find yellows and pinks - want red and did see it somewhere but somewhere probably went out with the recycling - ????? More

  • Daylilies

    I have a problem with my daylilies. When we moved here 2 years ago they were beautiful, as they were last year. They were huge, very lush and green. The foliage looked almost like shrubs with giant yellow blooms. (see my photos) This year though, they are looking awful. The… More

  • daylilies in containers?

    I grow daylillies in pots on the deck. All I do in the winter is wrap the outside of the container in bubblewrap and forget them till spring. This just helps it to keep from freezing the roots. I have some that have been in containers for 3 years and… More

  • Daylilies are sprouting flower buds in October!

    Ok, so I bought those daylilies in july (I think)(two individual plant in one pot) . When I got them home, I noticed that they had a sucker. I transplanted them, I put the bigger plant in a pot on it's own and the smaller two in another pot together.… More

  • Is is OK to transplant irises & daylilies now?

    My iris and daylilies are beginning to pop up. I sure would like to move some as they are getting a little crowded now. Is is alright to transplant them now before they bloom or do I need to wait until fall? If I can transplant them should I use… More

  • Daylilies

    Question gang, I put in my first ever daylilies a few weeks back, some from roots some from fans. Will any of these bloom this year? More