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Dandelion Flower

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  • Essentials

    ... Should you be dead heading flowers or digging up dandelions, edging beds or planting trees, reading how-to books or cutting the grass? I have spread myself too thin and I'm reaping the… More

  • Please Help Me Identify Pretty Pink Flower Wild Groundcover

    ...moved in, grew a nice lawn with (surprisingly) no dandelions and am just… More

  • there's a critter munching my lily bulbs!

    ...trol their dining by using Bonemeal around in the flower beds..They have never bothered any of my garden or flowers at all...oh no that isn't true...they dined on my cabbage plant that I had stuck in… More

  • Organic edible flowers

    ...pestiside free) edible Nasturtiums, Elderflowers, Dandelion Heads and Violets that I can get relatively fresh in (or shipped to) Spokane WA. :rolleyes: If you have any leads, freinds, good ideas or tips, please give a shout out to an avid culinary… More

  • Seed inventory *swap*

    Hello everyone, I joined this forum a few months ago and completely forgot about it until my other half (DanS) reminded me that I should post the seed inventory on this site as well so here goes. :) Dan and I are gearing up for the upcoming gardening season so… More

  • Pink Dandelion

    I noticed that some catalogues are selling dandelion seeds. They are nice for salads. To tell you the truth, I cannot imagine growing them all in a row in the garden. Perhaps that is because I don't treat my lawn with anything. Today I came across this photo in a… More

  • dandelion or something else?

    does someone knows this flower is dandelion(taraxacum)or some others species? More