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  • potting and forcing bulbs

    what is a good way to force potting tulips and daffodils? never tried before and need some advice. More

  • Daffodil question

    I'm in South Carolina. I planted bunches of daffodils about 4 years ago. The first year, they were beautiful. Since then they send up leaves, but very few bloom. Is there any chance that I planted them too deep? More

  • daffodil bulbs?

    ...nd are starting to sprout. THey look exactly like daffodils and are perennials (sp is wrong I think) but the name on the tag doesn't say daffodil? Do they go by another name? Also I was wondering… More

  • Daffodil, jonquil, narcissus?

    ... what this sweet thing is? I was given a bunch of Daffodils a few weeks ago. I planted them all. The yellow "Daffodils" have finished blooming and now this has burst into bloom. What is it? I never could keep them straight. Daffodil, jonquil, narcissus? More

  • Is this some kind of lily?

    ...I noticed this flower in the bed the landlord has daffodils planted. It's never grown there before, so I'm not sure if it's a lily or if someone dumped an onion in the bed and it's now blooming. Help please? Thanks More

  • mulching question

    ...hat mulch would hinder the growth of tulips & daffodils and any other spring coming bulb.....Also that it would keep them from multiplying...Especially the tulips....Is this true...? Thanks, I'm a new member so please answer fast... Bikinicat (my cats name) More

  • Planting under Walnut trees?

    ...heart along with spring bulbs like grape hyacinth,daffodils and bluebells. Help a newbie out...please! :D Thanks More

  • When to transfer daff bulbs?

    I bought some miniature daffodils in a small pot. They are done blooming but the green shoots are still there. Should I transplant them where I want them in the yard, or leave them in the pot until the green shoots go away? I know nothing about bulbs, so please… More

  • Why can't I see their faces???

    I have a variety of daffodils blooming - the larger ones keep their blooms (aka 'faces' LOL)up so you can see them, but the smaller blooms face downward. Everywhere else I look, you can see the little daff faces :( More

  • Daffodils that didn't bloom......

    some of the bulbs (King Alfred) I planted last fall did not produce a bloom. It is very strange as I planted about 40 in the same garden bed, from the same purchase, but some did not produce any blooms. Wondering if they are "duds" and won't ever produce blooms… More

  • anyone grown Peruvian Daffodils before?

    i just ordered some bulbs from Dutch Gardens. anyone have any experience with these? More

  • Daffodils

    I have some daffodils that I have been enjoying all spring. They are starting to fade now, and I was wondering if there is anything I should be doing for/to them...deadhead, fertilize, whatever. Any advice? Also, once they die back I was thinking of planting some annuals in that bed.… More

  • Daffodils

    I found today some daffodils four large bulbs for a dollar .they are dutch masters looks like the buttercup kind .and i also found mixed narcissus bulbs i had to buy a bunch couldn,t help it .they are nice healthy looking bulbs for a dollar :D More

  • Daffodils

    ...eeds that come from the old flower stalks on your daffodils? If so did they grow into decent size bulbs? Were the flowers the same or a throw back? More

  • A bucket of irises, a bag of daffodils

    ...ter sent down several grocery bags with clumps of daffodils and siberian iris (which bloomed in the grocery bag!). What now? Do I clean and store them somewhere until fall or plant them now? I confess that… More

  • Peruvian Daffodils

    Does anyone have Peruvian Daffodils? one of my friends just gave me some from her garden in PA and i'm wondering if i can plant them in my garden now (they bloom in the summer). I'm in NC. thanks! I just joined GardenGuides today! More

  • How do daffodils spread?

    ...hemselves. However I've recently experienced some daffodils spreading to parts of my lawn where they never existed before. How does that happen? Is a squirrel moving the bulb when its dormant or something?? I'm a bit baffled,… More

  • my daffodils won't bloom!

    This is only the second spring in my house. Daffodils in other parts of the yard bloom just fine, but in the back they haven't done anything the past 2 yrs. Last summer and fall, we cleared out the vines that were terribly overgrown in the area, and cut a… More

  • Question about store bought tulips & daffodils...

    ...res are putting out the potted tulips, lilies and daffodils. Can these be transplanted in the ground while they are blooming now, later after they stop blooming or are they just goners and only pretty in the pots? Just another newbie question... Thanks. Jackie More

  • Planting daffodils instead

    I think ill plant daffodils instead since they bloom longer and don't have to be refrigerated for awhile first. Tura More

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