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Cypress Trees

Cypress Trees Articles

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  • Stuck in the middle....Dry shade

    ... mature pecan tree...On the other side...a mature cypress tree. In the middle-a flower bed that needs help. Any ideas? The cypress drinks water. Lilies have done very well in this flower bed...However, those lilies don't last all year. What can replace those lilies when they have bloomed… More

  • Is my Weeping Cypress trying to tell me something?

    ...led a gardening place and was told to feed Scotts tree and shrub in fall and spring and scratch/tickle the earth underneath the tree...which seams like… More

  • Ellwood Cypress?

    ...s small seedling. The label said it is an Ellwood Cypress. I would like to bonsai it. I have a small pot for it. Can anyone take me through the steps of bonsai-ing this small tree? More

  • What is wrong with my tree?

    I think this is a cypress tree not sure. I did not plant it. It was nice and green all summer and now........... More

  • Browning/yellowing leyland cypresses

    What causes browning/yellowing of leyland cypresses? I planted them back in March and they've done very well up until a week or so ago when I noticed some browning/yellowing on some of the branches. They are planted in well drained soil. Could they be in need of some fertilizer? I… More

  • Please Help

    ...nd this growing yesterday under a weeping cypress tree. It does not look like any weeds we usually grow here. I have not planted any seeds in this spot, but had planted 2 lilies in the spring that pretty much just disappeared this fall. These are only about 2"… More

  • Need ID

    ...ortly.. I was told they thought it was a Japanese Cypress but no search turned up anything that looked like this. Hope you… More

  • Good List of Hummer Plants

    If not for this year, for next. This covers the whole hummer regions From my newsletter several weeks ago. Some of these plants are very regional and some are not allowed in certain areas. Buckeyes are not allowed in California. Some tender perennials are sold as annuals. For example, Lantana… More

  • Lessons learned regarding wood mulch up to now.

    Citrus trees...do not like mulch. Mango and Avocado...like mulch, but not too close to the trunk. Bananas and berries...LOVE mulch. You can mulch every inch...they will love you for it. Herbs and veggies...I mulch just enough to keep dirt from splashing up onto the plants. They seem to be grateful… More

  • Bald Cypress?

    Does anyone live near any Bald Cypress trees? I would love to get some cones so that I could grow these trees, and to learn more about them. Could somebody give me some seeds or cones with seeds that they have?? More

  • need help with Leyland Cypress

    ...one know the correct watering for Leyland Cypress trees ? Planted 2 months ago and starting to brown from the center out. The trees are 18 to 20' tall. I was told to water twice a week but that doesn't seem to be working. More

  • leyland cypress canker

    I have a few leyland cypress trees (approx 10 ft tall each) in a staggered row by the fance. Two (next to each other) appear to be yellowing and I believe they have canker. The yellowing branches are too many to be cut off. If I did cut them I'd… More

  • Cypress?

    ... 3 - 5 feet since we moved in. There are two huge cypress treesMore

  • Leyland cypress

    I would like some of these trees for some privacy. Has anyone tried rooting these? I read somewhere to take a cutting and scrap the wood off the bottom. Then dip in rooting hormone. I only need two or three. I don't mind buying them. I just thought it would… More

  • 1st timer question

    ...o we may learn more.I have a question about those trees I often see around that look so nice.I dont know the name of it but I… More

  • Cypress Trees

    Cypress Tree I had never seen one of these Trees before I moved here to Louisiana 10+ yrs ago. I think they are really cool. More