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Cutting Roses

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  • Cutting back herbs

    I inherited an herb garden from a former owner. I have some thyme , sage, anise, a pretty yellow thing I keep forgetting the name of. I am having trouble taking care of them. All the plants are doing well, but they get really shaggy looking and leggy. I want… More

  • Cutting back peonies

    ...em. Once Peonies bloom, when is the right time to cut back the stems? Do you have to tie them back and wait for the stems to turn brown,… More

  • how do i start a plant from a cutting?

    ...ing and heard that you can start new plants from "cuttings". i'm wondering how i would go about this? i would like to do one from a primrose plant. is it possible to do so with this plant? any help would be appreciated. More

  • Cutting Back Azalea's

    ... All, I need to know when the is the best time to cut back Azaleas? Mine have finished blooming and they are a bit overgrown.. Thanks, Rob More

  • Rose bush from a cutting

    Took a cutting off a rose bush i liked at a gas station in PA a few years ago. Now its about 8 ft tall and 10 ft wide. More

  • confederate jasmine cutting back??

    ...and getting down to 50s at night. How much can we cut this jasmine back without killing it? Thanks, Kathy H. Lee More

  • Need ID? Begonia? How 2 start cutting? HELP!!

    Hi ALL! Well I got this cutting from my "Back Guy". He has this prehistoric looking monsterious Begonia (???) in his waiting room. IS it a Begonia? IS it IS....what kind? And just how do I start the cuttings I have? They've been in water for over two weeks....now what????… More

  • cutting back overgrown plants

    Hi All.... I was a member ages ago and left for a bit but am back with a question. I have a rather sad looking perennial garden... (thats what happens when 3 of six dogs can jump the fence surrounding it) but in either case.... some of my plants are… More

  • cutting back euyonomous shrubs

    ...Island, and want to know when the correct time to cut back my eunonomous shrubs. I would like to cut back at least 6". Is it best to do it now as the cold weather sets in or should I wait for the spring. lk More

  • Cutting back Liatris

    I have never Cut my liatris (Never thought of them as a Cut flower but now that I know there won't be many out in the garden next year!!) until I read this thread - always hated how they looked after blooming. Cut them back yesterday and that little spot… More

  • Cutting back for rebloom

    Does phlox rebloom when cut back? I've cut the old flowers off but there aren't any new buds. I thought it bloomed until fall. Is it okay to cut back daylily foliage before it browns completely? The poor thing's been up since January--thought it might want a rest now that… More

  • forsythia starting from cutting??

    ... more in other spots. How do you start one from a cutting? Where do I cut? More

  • Slipping roses cut/roottone OR VF 11?

    ...fferent trees, plants, etc. I am pretty sure that roses will do well in both zones, and want to grow roses from my own CA roses,… More

  • Roses and Potatoes

    Has anyone ever planted a cutting from an old rose bush using a potatoe? If so how is it done exactly? A client of mine told me that her ggrandmom use to do it and when she had tried it herself she got a nice potatoe plant (ha) but her… More

  • Old Growth Roses

    ...this spring. We have an at least 60 year old bush rose. I wanted some advice if anyone has any. Is there anything special… More

  • Propagating Roses

    Does anyone know how to start a rose bush from a cutting? I'm talking about an old fashioned rose, not a hybrid. I know hybrids can't be propagated because the root stock is different from the growth stock. I have no idea how to do it, so I had to… More

  • fruit trees cutting

    this past fall while collecting cutting from my roses i decided to try to root cuttings from my peaches apples and plums...out of about 25-30 cutting i have 2 that survived...they have rooted very well (2 peaches) they have lots of leafs and new shots coming up...since these are clones… More

  • When and how can I take a cutting from my climbing rose?

    ...rine Droughin. Does anyone know when I can take a cutting from this as it's just started to bloom some lovely roses. Also, how do I take a cutting? Do I take a small cutting and leave on leaves… More

  • Azalea Cutting

    ... all pink. I would like to know if I get a branch cutting from his azalea how do I go about getting it to root? Thanks. More

  • Cutting question

    ...oo fertaliser there's mints lemon verabena stevia Rosemary and African blue basil they were cut acouple cours or so ago I braught them in like right after cutting an they're still silty they cept the mints… More

  • cutting my Yucca

    ... could not find the answer to. Here it is... If I cut the bottom leaves off will it… More

  • Not A Cutting But A 'Start'?

    Ok, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this question but I figured it is something I am 'starting'? lol How often should I water my 2 foot tall Wax Myrtles after I put them in the ground? I know they love water but I… More

  • cutting mint

    Hi everybody, I'm back in need of another bit of advice:0 My herbs are all doing wonderfully; luscious, green and full of odour. My question is this; my mint is growing like a weed, but instead of being full and growing upwards like before, it is now starting to hang… More

  • Cutting Bricks?

    Wow, I just peeked at the photos of Max's landscape work. INCREDIBLE! You are extraordinarliy tallented! I have a simple question for you or anyone else. I had planned to put in a walkway this fall and was in the process of buying some pavers when my parents donated a… More

  • Cutting Roses once they have bloomed......

    ...ave a Don Juan climber.....now exactly where do I cut, once they have finished blooming.............thanks. More