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Cutting & Preserving Flowers

Cutting & Preserving Flowers Articles

Cutting & Preserving Flowers Videos

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  • Seeds To Trade

    ...uash Many more seeds from 2007 Looking for: Dwarf Flowers Container Veggies Unusual… More

  • May day swap

    ...ow and ice I though it might be fun to do a plant/cuttings swap. What I would do is afer I… More

  • Spider plant blooming!?

    ...re are a few shots of my spider plant. This was a cutting from the floor of the Home Depot a year ago. Stuck it in my purse, came home and sat it in water until I had nice long roots, planted in a basic Miracle Grow potting soil and… More

  • Can lantana be perennial?

    In Zone 6B? My neighbor across the road has one of the orange-red-yellow variegated types and it comes back from the root every year. It presents as a shrub and gets almost 6' tall and equally as wide. He has it up against the brick of his house, southwestern exposure.… More

  • Smiling Faces, Beautiful Places!

    ...de Columbia. I am new to gardening... I have been cutting grass and planting flowers here and there over the past 30 years, but never really learned anything about having a true garden. Now I want to learn. I picture… More

  • Winter Care for Daylillies and Asiatic lillies

    I have two different kind of daylillies. A bush of orange daylilles and 4 yellow days lilles (as well as 3 asiatic lillies), potted. I use the word "bush" for the orange kind because there are some many of them in the same area that it looks like a small… More

  • last years mulch

    ...HE most important things that you can do for your flowers-- I have read all kinds of things about compost & organic matter but I did not start a pile last fall-- but one thing that I do have is… More

  • Herbal Leaf Plant Identification??

    Please, I would greatly appreciate your expert help in identifying this green leafy herbal plant in the photos from my garden. Many locals claim it has universal healing properties including eradicating cancer cells, controlling high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, treating diabetes and many more. We usually chew two leaves every… More

  • Essentials

    ...g beds or planting trees, reading how-to books or cutting the grass? I have spread myself too thin and I'm reaping the… More

  • Can/should I try to save these pansies?

    ...ots). Now they are past their prime. I still have flowers on them but they are sparse and smaller than before. I live in zone 6, and I think that the hot weather has really done a… More

  • What is this?

    ...er seeds. But my friend said she gave me a little cutting.(I don't think this is what she gave me) Her plants are not near as bushy and big as this… More

  • shees at it agin

    ...ting to cut me out of her bill fer cellphones and cutting my media plan AND wanting to SOLELY use my pots for FLOWERS im mondo annoyied we went to cut the cell bill awhile back my uncle saklid to leave me my media plan its HER… More

  • Morning Glories in Winter??

    ...eal picture in my head being a wall of pure, blue flowers. 2 questions: 1.Even though it is near winter I live in southern CA (Average yearly low temperature is 52… More

  • Cutting back for rebloom

    ...oes phlox rebloom when cut back? I've cut the old flowers off but there aren't any new buds. I thought it bloomed until fall. Is it okay to cut back daylily foliage before it browns completely? The poor thing's been up since January--thought it might want a rest now that… More

  • air layering?

    ...r the whole thing all year practically. I need to cut it back drastically and I want to do something I was told is called "air… More

  • Is my rose bush sick?

    ...ne of the problems is the rose bushes. I ended up cutting all the dead branches & twigs off of them. Basically, I cut off all that… More

  • Cool

    ...rees are losing their leaves and the flowers need cutting back. To my mind this is a couple of weeks too early, but after the heat I am looking forward… More

  • Rose hips

    ...my flowers on since September because I read that cutting the last flowers stimulates new budding when you want the rose to get ready to go dormant. I know some roses are known for their hips. I think mine… More

  • African Violet

    ...ng itself with flowers this time around. It was a cutting from my sister a few years ago. Even the pink one is doing nicely. Linda B More

  • cutting my Yucca

    ... could not find the answer to. Here it is... If I cut the bottom leaves off will it… More