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  • Indiana groundcover, too late to plant?

    I just did a major overhaul on the house I bought this summer. Pulled out over 900 gallons of landscaping rocks. There are still plenty of rocks embedded in the soil, as they were laid down years ago. I would like to start digging in a couple weeks, and get… More

  • I've a few question about bulbs I planted?

    This is my first year planting bulbs. So I have a few questions. The package said to plant in the fall. I planted in October. The package said they would come up early spring-mid spring. But as I walked the garden on New Years day I noticed there are little… More

  • Mint and Coneflowers?

    I have a bulb garden completely surrounded by cement. It looks great in the spring, but in the summer and fall, I have a hard time getting the weeds out. I just finished planting some purple coneflower seeds in that bed (we got them for free from the water company,… More

  • Trip to Whiteflower Farm

    ...ting checkered lily, snowdrops and to bring up my crocus count. Apparently, they are all stocked up by the second week… More

  • Anyone else from the Bluegrass state? ('06 Section)

    ...ing is coming here, seen some robins and I have a crocus in bloom. suppose to be in the 50's here fri-mon, sure hope so can use some warm… More

  • Bought my bulbs today!

    I went to the co-op today finally and got my bulbs. I bought 10 daffs called Ice Follies, and 10 daffs called Carlton. The Ice Follies has a yellow cup with white petals. The Carlton is all yellow with a large cup and is supposed to smell like vanilla. Both… More

  • Interesting reading

    I am pretty sure the following books are already known to many here, but I still want to express my thoughts: Portable Gardens (self watering - no weeking)- by B.Cameron - Amazon - $12.95 - 37 pages Very disappointing and very expensive. Personally speaking I would not consider using the… More

  • Plants Poisonous to your cats!!!

    ...pricot (Pits of) Arrowgrass Asparagus Fern Autumn Crocus Avacado (fuit and pit) Azalea Baby's… More

  • Leaves, but very few flowers

    ... a half ago, I got a box full of tulip, daffodil, crocus, and narcissus bulbs as a birthday present from my grandmother in Florida. I didn't get them into the ground that fall, I refrigerated them until last spring, then planted them. In this same area,… More

  • sunny outdoors made me do it

    ...ight now here in so MO is garlic onions, poatoes, crocus and hyacninths. I just keep hoping they will come and and do something.:confused: with 3 inches of snow… More

  • Advice on Thinning Out Bulbs and Planting New Ones

    ...recently bought a bunch of bulbs from Lowes, some Crocus, Narcissus, Allium and Fritillaria Imperialis.… More

  • Firefly Crocus!

    They popped up today! I need to get my good camera all charged up! They are early bloomers and brightened my whole day! More

  • Crocus Help???

    I only got 1 bloom from my little crocus patch this year. Last year there were many more... the foliage looks great this year, but only the one bloom. I googled it, but to no avail...any ideas as to what happened??? More

  • Waiting For Crocus

    I planted crocus corms in pots 3 weeks ago, they have not sprouted & I am getting anxious. Pots are @ 45 deg, I moistened the soil @ planting, but have been letting it dry since. Am I too impatient? More

  • Would like bulb garden (full to partial shade)

    ...fall Bulbs that I found do well in part shade are Crocus (Crocus vernus), Zone 4, early spring anemone (Anemone blanda), Zone 6, early… More

  • Digging up and moving bulbs

    ...e the following bulbs: tulips, hyacinth, daffies, crocus and asiatic lilies? I live in Northern Vt in Zone 4. More

  • What brings hummers in when nothing is blooming?

    ...ainy here in S.Central Pa. Only my daffidills and crocus are blooming. The migration map shows hummers have been sited here. What can I do to try to lure them in to my yard? The neighbor up the road always has then during the summer.… More

  • Leftover Bulbs

    ...ught way too many bulbs (tulips, daffs, hyacynth, crocus). Many of them made it into the ground and are now blooming beautifully. However, I had quite a few left over that are still in my garage. Will these bulbs still be good… More

  • Need help selecting bulbs!

    ...Bulbs catalog and want to order some bulbs, maybe crocus and tulips. The selection is overwhelming! Can you point me to some good ones? More

  • Believe It or Not...Crocus!!!

    The house down the street has crocus in bloom!!! We've had below freezing temps for a week too! I've seen a few snowdrops here and there, but crocus in January? More