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Crocus Flowers

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  • I've a few question about bulbs I planted?

    This is my first year planting bulbs. So I have a few questions. The package said to plant in the fall. I planted in October. The package said they would come up early spring-mid spring. But as I walked the garden on New Years day I noticed there are little… More

  • Bought my bulbs today!

    I went to the co-op today finally and got my bulbs. I bought 10 daffs called Ice Follies, and 10 daffs called Carlton. The Ice Follies has a yellow cup with white petals. The Carlton is all yellow with a large cup and is supposed to smell like vanilla. Both… More

  • Advice on Thinning Out Bulbs and Planting New Ones

    ...recently bought a bunch of bulbs from Lowes, some Crocus, Narcissus, Allium and Fritillaria Imperialis.… More

  • Interesting reading

    I am pretty sure the following books are already known to many here, but I still want to express my thoughts: Portable Gardens (self watering - no weeking)- by B.Cameron - Amazon - $12.95 - 37 pages Very disappointing and very expensive. Personally speaking I would not consider using the… More

  • Leaves, but very few flowers

    ... a half ago, I got a box full of tulip, daffodil, crocus, and narcissus bulbs as a birthday present from my grandmother in Florida. I didn't get them into the ground that fall, I refrigerated them until last spring, then planted them. In this same area,… More

  • Indiana groundcover, too late to plant?

    I just did a major overhaul on the house I bought this summer. Pulled out over 900 gallons of landscaping rocks. There are still plenty of rocks embedded in the soil, as they were laid down years ago. I would like to start digging in a couple weeks, and get… More