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  • Help clearing grass from garden!

    I was doing a lot of traveling this summer (and being lazy when I wasn't) so my side garden got overrun with grass. I've tried digging some up with a garden rake, and it's tough going and I know I'm not getting all the roots. I think it may be… More

  • weeds between paving stones

    ...r, and it's slow 'growing', haha). I keep getting crabgrass and other weeds landing in between the stones and it's hard to keep up with it. I'm afraid to spray a weed preventer, because I'm not sure… More

  • Help with these two plants (mint and grass?)

    ... them a bunch of these grasses. They remind me of crabgrass almost. I don't see any type… More

  • Zoysia Seed Anxiety

    I am suffering from ZSA (Zoysia Seed Anxiety) :confused: . I killed off my yard with RoundUp 2 months ago and then seeded Companion/Compadre Zoysia about 1 month ago. About 1 week after, I saw what I thought were seedlings growing, but turned out it was a weed (I believe… More

  • Clover, crab grass removal

    ...ummer and hence (I've read) we have a epidemic of crabgrass - more of that than lawn and some patches of clover. What is the best approach here at this time of… More

  • Can St. Augustine be overseeded with Bahia?

    I have 10,000 sf of St. Augustine and weeds in Central Florida. I want to get rid of the weeds, but I swear I will never plant another plug or piece of sod, so I got this idea to mix in a seedable grass. Bahia looks like the best match,… More

  • How do I get rid of crabgrass at this time of the year??

    ...he internet, I think the main one might be smooth crabgrass.. I live in… More

  • Crabgrass In Lawn

    We moved to this house a little over 2 years ago and the yard was in horrible shape.... 98% weeds, only 2 badly neglected flowerbeds and almost no grass at all! Starting with our very first summer here in '04, we've been working hard at getting rid of the weeds… More

  • Killin the lawns?

    ...d the lawn in my new house has lots of patches of crabgrass as well as a lot of differen't types of grasses mixed together. Of course they all have different tones to them… More

  • Can I Grow New Grass After Having Put Down Barricade Fertilizer and Crabgrass Control

    ...awn people just put down Barricade Fertilizer and Crabgrass control. I have hired a company to slice seed the weak areas in my yard.. Since we have already put Barricade on the lawn, will the slice seeding be able to grow. Quote | Reply | Report More