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  • drying herbs

    ... fast. How should I go about preserving these for cooking? More

  • new to growing herbs

    ...r cooking this year. Which kinds should I try? Do they need sun or shade? More

  • Howdy from Austin, Texas!

    ...udent learning to garden on a small scale - using the modest patch of grass outside my duplex, and lots of containers. I grew up gardening with my mother in Ohio, but central Texas is a whole other world for plants, so I've got lots of experimenting… More

  • Hello from the East Coast!

    ... the garden working, I can be found inside either cooking stuff from the garden or reading one of the way too many gardening books that I have collected over the years. I really need… More

  • Got a new canner

    ... to can some this year as I use a lot of it in my cooking. Thnx:) More

  • Non Toxic Bug Spray

    ...is out and let everyone know how it works ;) It's from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture: U.S.… More

  • Seeds in the compost pile?

    ...on? A friend dropped a load of cow manure into my garden for me when I wasn't home,… More

  • growing herbs with shade...

    I'm trying to start a small herb garden. the issue is that I have lots and lots of trees around me thus I am left with shade and get maybe an hour or two of sunlight a day. I've done years of landscaping in the past but am new to… More

  • Herb Gardening

    ...ave grown very large, we use some of the herbs in cooking and she entered them in our local… More

  • I made meat pies!

    ...m -me -up-food...meat pies. I often uses a recipe from Michigan..that I got from some friends on site on ebay...but this time I wanted to use what I had on hand and a few things out of… More

  • Newbie herb gardener questions

    ...g my previous veggie garden attempts and creating the berry patch of my dreams. But also trying herb gardening for the first time. So I have several questions I… More

  • New and needing advice

    ...m and I could use some advice on starting an herb garden (obviously! lol). Honestly, I lack a green thumb, but I want to perk up my apartment with some fun (and functional) flora. I plan to grow them in two window sill boxes (one… More

  • newbie from Tennessee

    ...mber ( chefDebs ) in recipezaar. I will post some garden photos later, but having just gone through a terrible drought here in Tn with over 100 degree weather, the garden looks pitiful right now.… More

  • So what is everybody cooking for New Year's Day?

    I grew up with roast pork for New Year's. My mom said it was for good luck. What do you all have for New Year's Day dinner? Any traditions handed down in your family? More

  • Fusion Cooking!!!

    Ever have an OKTOBERFEST Calzone? It was the hit if my party friday night! Using the traditional method of calzone making, I rolled out some dough and filled it with my Oktoberfest ingredients: Black Forest Pastrami Swiss Cheese Havarti Cheese Saurkraut Horseradish Bold Mustard Baked it until golden brown and… More

  • keewee cooking again

    ...eWee, what are you doing in Kratz's dollhouse? :D Cooking up supper for all of us? :p Kratz has the cutest photos of a doll house. If you haven't looked at her albums you should. Linda B More

  • It's Cooking!

    Went out to turn my compost today and man is it cookin' now. Took me awhile to get it large enough but she is going! I know doesn't take much to give me a giggle. yippee! More

  • Easy Garden Paella

    This is for 2 people but can be doubled. 1 Bag Carolina Yellow Saffron Rice Vegetable stock 1 small green bell pepper, diced 1 small sweet onion, diced 1 cup diced tomatoes 1 zucchini, sliced and quartered Prepare rice as directed using vegetable stock instead of water (I use Imagine… More

  • Indoor Herb Garden

    Hello: I'm new to the forums, nice to meet everyone. :) A few months ago, I had to start working in a cubicle. It was very dull looking, so I bought an ivy plant to make my space more friendly. I really like my ivy and am shocked I haven't… More

  • I'm new here!

    ...rbs. Also enjoy quilting, decorative painting and cooking. Looking forward to a long friendship and learning a lot! More

  • Thyme varieties: do you use wooly thyme?

    We started our herb garden this year. We are having some successes and a few failures. But one thing that we did by mistake was to plant "wooly thyme". When we read about it, it says it is for landscape filling in between rocks and such. But it does not… More

  • Flowering sage?

    ... like to put some sage in my garden, for use with cooking. But I'd also like it to be a pretty, flowering kind. Is there a variety that is particularly attractive, but also good for cooking? I have a small garden and need multi-purpose plants. :) -Katy More

  • Garden Stepping Stones

    ...d molds for stepping stones, planters and edging. the site is called History Stones You can make a lot and brighten up your garden for next to nothing, compared to how much they charge for stepping stones in the stores.… More

  • Cooking Radish Greens?

    ...rum (not garden related) that was asking me about cooking radish greens. I don't eat greens myself and wanted to find out if you just boil them like you do poke, turnip greens etc? Do you put anything else in with them like salt… More