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Container Gardens

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  • For Edible Container Gardening, Please Post in the Fruit or Vegetable Forum

    This forum is for container Gardening of non-edible plants. Please post your edible container Gardening questions in the Fruits or Vegetables forum in The Kitchen Garden forum. Thanks! More

  • Container Gardening in the Shade

    ...te & to gardening. I'm thinking of starting a container garden, as I live on a very wooded/shaded lot. Can you give me any suggestions? More

  • defining: container size

    I am starting a container garden in several areas (around the pool, in large wooden boxes and several different sized pots. My question is when you read about different plants they say things like "can be grown in a small pot" -OR- remember this one will require a large container..… More

  • Las Vegas Container Gardening

    ...ently live in Las Vegas, NV and love to container garden. But, last year I have found that everything died quickly due to the extreme heat (100-120)in the summer. Does anyone have advice or experience on how to set up a container garden in the desert? More

  • Container for Banana tree?

    What size container should I use for a Banana tree? It is a Bloodleaf Banana. Thanks! Allison More

  • Help with my container garden?

    ...th day temps between 60-85F in the summer, and my garden is in a particularly windy spot (my only outdoor space :/ ). I have three tomato plants (patio, sungold cherry and early girl), an eggplant (lavendar touch), and a chili… More

  • container grow okra?

    Anyone try growing okra in a container? If so, how big must the container be? Thanks to everyone that replies.:confused: More

  • What fertilzer for container vegetables?

    ...ar I did it all wrong. I tried to grow veggies in containers with garden soil and I never fertilized. This year I am going to get a generic potting mix and fertilizer. What fertilizer to I get for container tomatoes, green beans and bell peppers? More

  • Just starting first container garden

    I am just starting my first container garden. You can follow a long at my blog thecontainerveggie.blogspot.com it should be a fun rewarding hobby. More

  • Container or Ground Planting

    ...st aqiured a Tiller , I have been planting in tub containers with pretty good luck but not without it's problems, a lot of shoveling/mixing in mixer and fighting every thing from too much water to to little,… More

  • Vegetable Container Gardening

    I started this one to sticky it. Will edit soon I promise! More

  • Tiny slugs in container strawberries

    I have a container garden on my small patio. I grow strawberries in one, but I am having a problem with slugs. I would mix some salt water and spray the buggers, but I read that salt isn't good for the berries. Anyone know a good way to get rid… More

  • So what do you do when a container garden outgrows its pot?

    I don't have a container garden (yet - I want to understand the logistics first) and I have a fool question. What in the sam hell do you do when the plants outgrow the pot? Do you have to divide up the plants before you move up a size or… More

  • Olive tree in container?

    ...nd have a small (8x12) patio. I have a very large container that I was hoping to plant a small tree in (note: I am not very savvy about gardening!). I was hoping to plant an olive tree but wondering if that is a good… More

  • Need a clever idea for a container...

    ... ceramic pots. What do you think? I am new to the gardening scene. thanks for your… More

  • Container Ideas

    ... 2 beds and will need to plant several veggies in containers (Tomato, cukes, Bell peppers and summer squash) Can ya'll put your thinking caps on and give me some ideas as to what I get get my hands on that would be suitable containers?… More

  • strawberries in container?

    im corious on depth needed fer the roots we have these strawberries growin actually right behind/next to me just thru the wall an im corious if i toss acouple fruits not good enough ta eat about fruits in the MIDDLE of winter (itd be an indoor plant i think) an… More

  • container planting??

    ...seed starter. i'm am going to grow vegetables. is container planting suitable for a vegetable garden? my container is about 2 feet by 8 feet and 1 foot deep. is this going to be difficult? More

  • Container roses

    ... on what type is good for a beginner to grow in a container? I live in zone 5b. More

  • Ground or container

    can i plant Hardy Hydreanea in the ground? More

  • roses in container

    ... roses into the ground or can they be left in the container they came from the nursery in? new gardener and any help would be appreciated. More

  • Self watering gardens

    ...id my garden will die if not watered. I have some container veggies but most are in the ground. I read somewhere on here where you can use plastic jugs… More

  • Container gardning

    ...all of the help I can get with growing veggies in containers. I want to plant tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumners and squash. I have a pretty good herb garden started. By the way I have enjoyed all of the great… More

  • Brugs in a container

    I heard you can plant brugmansias in a container and they do very well as long as they have plenty of root room and are watered well. This way since they are not hardy in my zone, I can bring them in and over-winter them. I`m going to try it… More

  • container stuff

    I am seriously wanting to start a container garden, one problem, I've got a massive black thumb and am quick to give up. So here's my question, What are the BEST inexpensive containers I can use, I am on a budget and I want to grow numerous things. also whats… More

  • What Is This Growing In My Container??

    Howdy!! Wondered if you can let me in on what I am growing!!*LOL What I planted last year?? I'm guessing...It was a seed from a fruit I bought. Took several months to germinate,not sure if it was do to the wrong environment or, that is just how long it takes… More

  • Container Potatoes

    I am going to give it a try, here's my plan I will be using a 24"-28" wide x 24"-28" deep plastic barrel cut in half. Going to put about 8" good compost in the bottom cover with 2" compost and when they sprout and start to the top I… More

  • Container stands?

    ...s asked by a local garden shop to make some basic container stands. This is what I came up with. [URL=http://www.earlysvilleironworks.com/plantstands.php]http://www.earlysvilleironworks.com/standwithplant_md.jpg I also am considering making something like this diagram (sorry it is so crude) to just set the container on top of: http://www.people.virginia.edu/~wds3r/link/stand.gif Can you think of (and… More

  • container gardening

    When container gardening, couldn't you use smaller containers to grow plants than is generally recommended, as long as you were very diligent about watering and feeding your plants. I don't have sufficient room to use the large multi-gallon containers recommended for some plants, but I can ensure that daily watering… More

  • Okra In Container

    ...uld give me any information about growing okra in container. My son bought some seed packs last year and I went ahead and started them for him. Now i have this unexpected little arrival and unfortuantely I am not sure where to start with him/her.… More

  • Container planting...

    I don't have much of a yard, but I have a large porch. I'm hoping someone can tell me if I can plant a rosebush in a large pot. I know there are minis, but I'm looking for a full size. Has anyone tried this? More

  • new to site new to container gardens

    ...m retirement (!) and I am hoping to get more into gardening and landscaping. I live in WI so I am interested in suggestions from veteran iceberg folks. I am most interested in growing herbs - I love to cook and promised my… More