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Container Garden

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  • What fertilzer for container vegetables?

    ...ar I did it all wrong. I tried to grow veggies in containers with garden soil and I never fertilized. This year I am going to get a generic potting mix and fertilizer. What fertilizer to I get for container tomatoes, green beans and bell peppers? More

  • Las Vegas Container Gardening

    ...ently live in Las Vegas, NV and love to container garden. But, last year I have found that everything died quickly due to the extreme heat (100-120)in the summer. Does anyone have advice or experience on how to set up a container garden in the desert? More

  • Container Gardening in the Shade

    ...te & to gardening. I'm thinking of starting a container garden, as I live on a very wooded/shaded lot. Can you give me any suggestions? More

  • Container gardning

    ...all of the help I can get with growing veggies in containers. I want to plant tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumners and squash. I have a pretty good herb garden started. By the way I have enjoyed all of the great… More

  • Tiny slugs in container strawberries

    I have a container garden on my small patio. I grow strawberries in one, but I am having a problem with slugs. I would mix some salt water and spray the buggers, but I read that salt isn't good for the berries. Anyone know a good way to get rid… More

  • defining: container size

    I am starting a container garden in several areas (around the pool, in large wooden boxes and several different sized pots. My question is when you read about different plants they say things like "can be grown in a small pot" -OR- remember this one will require a large container..… More

  • For Edible Container Gardening, Please Post in the Fruit or Vegetable Forum

    This forum is for container Gardening of non-edible plants. Please post your edible container Gardening questions in the Fruits or Vegetables forum in The Kitchen Garden forum. Thanks! More

  • What size container would you recommend

    ...gured if I grow them on the porch )or near it) in containers, I could put a stop to it. I'm planning 12 tomatoe plants and 12 peppers. More

  • half barrels for container gardening

    ...ng on using several and I need solid long lasting containers. Most of what I have seen in the garden stores seem… More

  • Container stands?

    ...s asked by a local garden shop to make some basic container stands. This is what I came up with. [URL=http://www.earlysvilleironworks.com/plantstands.php]http://www.earlysvilleironworks.com/standwithplant_md.jpg I also am considering making something like this diagram (sorry it is so crude) to just set the container on top of: http://www.people.virginia.edu/~wds3r/link/stand.gif Can you think of (and… More

  • container stuff

    I am seriously wanting to start a container garden, one problem, I've got a massive black thumb and am quick to give up. So here's my question, What are the BEST inexpensive containers I can use, I am on a budget and I want to grow numerous things. also whats… More

  • really need help want to start a container garden

    ...ave any advice on how to start a container veggie garden. I really want to start something for some fresh veggies and fruit but don't know what to do. I would like it to be organic if possible. What do I do. I don't want to dig up… More

  • So what do you do when a container garden outgrows its pot?

    I don't have a container garden (yet - I want to understand the logistics first) and I have a fool question. What in the sam hell do you do when the plants outgrow the pot? Do you have to divide up the plants before you move up a size or… More

  • Great Idea for Container Garden

    I love this picture. It could be made very decorative with some stones or mulch against the sides. Maybe a sculpture in the center? Perfect for someone like me who lives on top of baked red clay! :D More

  • Just starting first container garden

    I am just starting my first container garden. You can follow a long at my blog thecontainerveggie.blogspot.com it should be a fun rewarding hobby. More

  • Veggie Container Garden Pictures

    Here are some of our pictures, You know pictures tell a thousand words. We are having some real share time and veggies too, We have learned a lot and have a lot to learn, every day is a challange with new ariving task and Ideas of the old what if… More

  • first veggie container garden....

    ...i know i what i want but i don't know how big the containers should be. ok i want...tomatoes, bell peppers, jalepenos, lettuce, banana peppers, and i want some beans or peas too but i'm not sure what kind yet. i really don't know… More

  • container planting??

    ...seed starter. i'm am going to grow vegetables. is container planting suitable for a vegetable garden? my container is about 2 feet by 8 feet and 1 foot deep. is this going to be difficult? More

  • Update on Container Garden

    My bell peppers are doing great. One plant has about 11 bell peppers. The other one that wasn't doing to well at the beginning now has flowers on it and is just as tall as the other one. I wasn't giving it enough water. And just think I was going… More

  • Growing vegetables in a container garden

    ... notoriously black thumb) with some vegetables in containers on my front porch, which is north facing and recieves a… More

  • Help with my container garden?

    ...th day temps between 60-85F in the summer, and my garden is in a particularly windy spot (my only outdoor space :/ ). I have three tomato plants (patio, sungold cherry and early girl), an eggplant (lavendar touch), and a chili… More