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  • Strange Happenings

    What has happened to my coneflowers this year. Something strange for sure as I've never seen anything like this before. You can see all the little tiny things on the flower heads. The ones in this bed are the only ones that did this. These 2 are the white swan… More

  • bleedingheart

    ...ing for fern leaf bleedingheart , or green wizard coneflower. More

  • Gold Finch

    ...le guy was in his element, feeding from the spent Coneflower seeds. Rosie More

  • Murder Mystery

    ...anyone have any ideas on what could be killing my coneflower plant? I have six of them, one is dying. The leaves are dessicated and so are the flower heads (mature and immature). Not all the stalks. One plant only is affected. I hope to prevent whatever the problem… More

  • June blooms!

    Bee balm, Fragrant angel coneflower, petunias/coleus/potato vine in a pot, nandina, shibori spirea More

  • Top Five perennials

    ... are your top five favorite perennials? Mine are: Coneflower Foxglove Blanket flower Nandina Butterfly Bush I know...hard to limit it to five! haha More

  • Deer Free Plants

    ...rfly Bush Hardy Geranium Penstemon Bee Balm Peony Coneflower Oriental Poppy Dianthus Hellebore Thuja Green Giant Blanket Flower Daffodil Weigela Hibiscus Carolina Jasmine http://images.parkseed.com:80/parksgardens/pem001274/NoDeerpem001274ai.html Here is a link for those who would like to see the exact varieties… More

  • My want list

    ...at isn't a weed. Wants: foxglove rudbeckia purple coneflower daylilies asiatics and oriential lilies hollyhocks liatris cosmos… More

  • Help...

    ... seem to find out what it is. It is almost like a coneflower-ish type. If it helps anybody, I live in Southeastern Georgia. :D Thanks!! Sheila More

  • Evolution of our backyard garden

    This corner of our yard used to be a patch of woods and thickets until we cleared it out a few years ago. It's been a fun work in progress over the last few years as I've changed a few things as I learned more about what worked and what… More

  • Looking for conflower seed and more??

    I would like to find green envy coneflower and sundown coneflower seed.also looking for globe thisle seed and black ball bachelor button. I have seeds for trade as well. More

  • Coneflower?

    I know that someone here will know what this is. Sometimes I can make a trip to the nursery and find the plant so I can read the label, but have had no luck with this one. More

  • Purple Coneflower

    What is eating my leaves? :confused: More

  • Is this a coneflower?

    ... flower last year - just grew big leaves. Is it a coneflower? 76226 More

  • Coneflower Petals completely curling under

    My coneflowers have always been beautiful...but this year as soon as the petals open up fully, the next day they are all curled under. I have sprayed with insecticdal soap but I am not seeing any results with the new flowers. Anyone know what the problem may be? Help! More

  • Purple Coneflower

    This plant is one of my favorites. After 4 years these have finally filled in along my front walk. I am so proud of them this year. Thought I would share. Tina More

  • Big Sky series of Coneflower (Echinacea)

    I just bought the "Fragrant Angel," which is a white one that has a heavenly scent. It was originally $19 but on sale for $14 and I couldn't resist it. They also had some of the "Sunrise" plants for sale and I was tempted, but they're just a bit expensive. More

  • Harvesting Coneflower seeds

    I have some Coneflowers growing, and I'm just wondering if I can harvest seeds from them. Are the seeds just those middle parts of the flower? Do I just wait until they dry up and then pull it apart? As you can probably tell, I really don't have any experience… More

  • Where is the seed coneflower echinacea??

    Ok, so I've read to collect a mature flower and put in a paper bag to let dry out. Is the seed located in the cone part of the flower and not the end of the petals?? More

  • Coneflower Sprouts? Yes No

    Reassurance. Are these coneflower sprouts. Did an image search but did not fine any pics of coneflower sprouts on Google. More