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  • Composting Shredded Paper w/ Ink

    ... need some enlightenment about ink going into the compost pile. We shred bills and junk mail and recycle them. There my compost pile sits barely being fed. Are the inks okay on this type of mail for composting? I've heard something about only using inks that are vegetable-based. More

  • A very basic composting question

    We have acquired a large yard, with over 2 mowable acres. Unfortunately, the yard was no longer mowed as of mid summer. And the oodles of trees have dumped a thick layer of leaves all over it. Good news is in the past two weeks we have raked and mowed… More

  • composting under landscape fabric

    My local nurserywoman recomended a simple way to compost without building a bin. I layered shredded paper, yard debris, kitchen scraps (vegetable,fruit,coffe grounds etc), spanish moss and horse manure. I watered it ( ha, ha - just before T S Fay arrived) and put a 6 x 6 sheet of… More

  • Composting Cow Poo

    This weekend my dad took me and my hubby on a fishing trip to a friend of ours house and when i got there i was in a pasture with horses and cows and thought i wonder what they do with all this poop. I asked my dad if he… More

  • Chipper and Shredder ( Yard Machine) and Composting

    http://xrl.us/pdxv http://xrl.us/q7gy 24 July 2006. This ten horespower machine is used to chop up all waste foliage. I make a pile of foliage, and when there is enough I wheel the machine out, and chop up the waste. It only takes a few minutes. I use to do this with… More

  • Getting Started on the Cheap

    ... college student and would like to try my hand at composting. I live in a house with a backyard, so space is there, as long as nothing is permanent (rental!). But as a college student, money is definitely a factor. Any advice on getting started composting, and doing… More

  • compost and tilling questions.

    ...s to this stuff. Here are my questions concerning composting and soil: composting: 1) I have a dog so I would need to somehow make a compost pile that he couldn't get into. Is it easier to… More


    ... like a lot less work and a interesting way to do composting. Please help floridagirl. More

  • Just bought a compost tumbler

    ...looked.... and I finished my taxes.... so.... LOL Composting here I come!!!! More

  • Sheet /Row Composting

    I been Row Composting "Sheet Composting" with Horse Manure and Chicken Tea. I Started with a 6"-8" lay ed of horse manure and two gallons of chicken tea. I top with last years old hay. In the Fall I will run the Tiller down the Row Middles and Plant. Later… More

  • composting for apartment living

    ...se their food scraps. Is there any compact way of composting? Do worm farms work the same way, and are they small enough for an apartment? thanks for any help! More

  • composting help

    ...ver with my Bobcat. By mid summer it's completely composted into… More

  • composting

    I have a compost bin, but I'm having difficulty finding something for the bottom to prevent large roots from growing into my compost. These suck out the moisture and nutrients and make it very difficult to to take the compost out. Any suggestions? More

  • Composting

    Hi All, I want to start a small kitchen compost bin. Any suggestions on how to begin and what to use? Thanks for your future input. Ilene More

  • New to Composting

    Hello, I just set up my new little black compost box in the back to cut down on leaves going to the curb. Anyhow, how do I go about this? I read the booklet about what goes in and what doesn't but how do I get started? What goes in… More

  • Book on Composting...

    ...ondering if anyone could recommend a good book on composting. I am going to start one in the next year and want to start by doing a little reading. Thanks! More

  • Composting without a garden

    ...pletely ridiculous idea to try and start a little compost heap, maybe outside in the grounds of our flat? How long do you have to leave it before it… More

  • Composting " oh Yea! " HELP

    Thanks, Steroman and Aurora for the Hot Hot Hot, better back off and rethink what your doing in the Mulch/Lime fourm, I needed that. ariving home yesterday afternoon to find a huge pile of horse stable clean-out by my garden area, a friend "Dan" said he had nothing to do… More

  • Sheet Composting

    Sheet composting Help ? I plan to spread out now the compost/horse barn and premixed container soil/ with that moldy bale of hay that is 1/2 composted and till in the ground. I thought I would add a layer of green grass clippings next week (taht I have access too).… More

  • Composting Aphids

    ...hey are totally infested with aphids. Is it ok to compost or should I throw em out? I don't want to raise em! I know they can reproduce 3 ways...eggs,… More

  • Composting need help!

    ...he waste has useful material which can be used in composting, (waste has rabbit droppings, sawdust which i spread on cage floor, uneaten leaves/fruits etc.) 1. can anyone tell me the recipe of how to make… More