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  • New member from Texas BrownThumb

    ...eryone. I visited once or twice to learn from the community over the past yr or so. After a solid weekend getting geared up to garden (composting and weeding) - I joined in! I'm excited to learn more and grow more this year. I mostly like to grow things… More

  • Hello from Lovely Louisiana

    ...ings from lovely north Louisiana. I am new to the community and just moved into a new home that has no landscaping at all. I am disabled due to medical problems and can no longer work, so I have renewed my love of gardening. Actually I have no choice because… More

  • From Grants Pass, Oregon

    Well we just moved from Chicago to Grants Pass. A BIG CHANGE. We have 12 acres of land, and are planning on farming about 5 acres in the coming years. This year, our first we are starting of with a about 1/2 acre of vegetables, and flowers. Our hops will… More

  • BRAND NEW gardener to Portland, ME

    ... to fill out a little plot of my own in the local Community Garden centre. To be abosolutely honest, I have only helped others with their Gardens by doing some weeding or by helping them harvest. I have always had a… More

  • We want to hear from you on the proposed new look of GardenGuides!

    ...nges in store for GardenGuides.com and our valued community. We want to assure you these initial changes are purely cosmetic and we will retain the features, tools and forums you have all come to love. You’ll also see an… More

  • Hello from the beautiful Southern Appalachians

    ...ars ago I was active in another virtual gardening community but my life took some twists and turns and now I'm here, seeking to regain a little balance. I used to be much more serious about gardening, and I miss that. I have a tiny… More

  • Hello from Sunny Southern California

    ...o learning more about plants, soils and container gardening. I have stumbled my way through a pretty good start, but I want to expand my collection and learn about new and unusual flowers that will grow in my region. Thanks. Debbie More

  • Hello Gardeners!

    ...to gardening. I look forward to being part of the community and getting tips from you all! More

  • Beginners' Gardening Guide Martha Stewart

    ...gardening She also has a pretty vibrant gardening community forum, with more ideas from readers: http://forums.marthastewart.com/n/pfx/forum.aspx?webtag=ms-gardening&nav=start More

  • Gorilla Gardening

    ...use but as a mother and business owner in a small community I am a bit chicken. More

  • A New Community Manager

    ...y sent me a PM and told me that kate_h is her new community manager. I asked her what that meant. So maybe she will get back to me. I see kate has posted a few times though there is nothing so far in her profile. She said we could… More

  • First Garden

    ...lot in a community garden and I haven't done much gardening in the past. I want to mainly have a vegetable garden, so I am wondering what the best veggies are to start with? And the best veggies for this time of year? More

  • Hi

    Hi gardening community. I finally moved out of Manhattan and now have a nice big garden. I unfortunately know nothing about gardening which is becoming more evident everyday. Nevertheless I'm determined to learn. My friend talked me into growing a giant pumpkin which has been so much fun. I am… More

  • Hello from Vancouver

    ...ancouver, Canada, and this is only my second year gardening so I still have alot to learn! Hope you… More

  • Hi Everyone from Erie, Pa

    ... to the community and wanted to say hello. I love gardening. It is a passion of mine and a great way to releive stress. I also love photography. Leave me with my camera and some flowers and wildlife and I couldn't be happier (not to be confused… More

  • help ID plant

    Hi, I am new to the community and I just started gardening. I got this plant from a neighbor (see picture below...more pictures on my profile page) and I have no idea what it is called. I would like to know how to care for it and just know what… More

  • New at the community

    ...self when I've start beeing member of this lovely community.:confused: My name is Raquel, my nick Maflora, I'm from Uruguay, South América and I'm such an enthusiastic of gardening that I forgot the main thing... Few years ago I… More