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  • looking for

    looking for few things still double hollyhocks red,yellow,soft yellow,white,pink,dark pink,peach.all doubles dwarf canna seeds. Impatients need a good bunch of these for shade.lower type. large flowering petunia orietale poppy russian doll gourds foxglove pams choice swan gourds aster blue moon aster spider types zinnia doubles zinnia swizzle zinnia pin wheel… More

  • Caterpillars on Columbine Seed Pods

    I found these caterpillars this afternoon, all over the stems of my colombine seed pods. I've never seen them before and don't know much about caterpillars. Can someone here please tell me what these are and how bad they are. Do I need to get another bottle of insecticide? More

  • Growing columbine from seed

    My columbines have gone to seed and I'd like to propigate some new plants to fill out the border. The seed is dry and I read you should plant it right away. I've not had success re-seeding in the ground. My question is, when the new plants come up in… More

  • looking for columbine, sweetpea,morning glory seed's

    What are amish flower seeds? More

  • what to plant with columbines

    I have a row of columbines that look great in the spring, but about now the whole thing is looking ragged and pathetic. It's in part shade/dappled sun. I'm thinking about putting some mums between the columbine plants... can anyone think of a better choice of perennial (or annual) that… More

  • Unknown plants

    #1.I grew this from seeds. I thought that it was a weed since I always write the name of the flower that I am trying to grow. This one had no label. After looking at the flower, I thought that it might be a primrose. However I didn't plant any… More

  • Can anyone tell me what plant this is?

    ...one didn't get identified properly. Could this be Columbine? More

  • Savings seeds from columbines

    I have a "Dorothy Rose" columbine. I have never seen such a beautiful flower and they are starting to fade leaving seed pods. The seed pods are still green. Do I wait until they dry on the plant and grab them before the seeds fall? More

  • Can anyone tell me what plant this is?

    ... need help identifying this seedling. Could it be Columbine? More

  • Help with my columbine

    I am not sure of what is on these leaves any idea's? Thanks More


    These are the only 2 plants in my garden that are growing but when they bud the buds dry up before they open? Everything else is blooming and reblooming. My sister says maybe they are missing something or they've been poisoned. I did spray my lilly buds with the deer… More

  • Nasty looking columbine

    My columbine look nasty! Half of each of the plants are dead with no leaves. Are they going dormant for the winter? Are they sick? What's the deal.... More

  • Columbine No color

    I have several columbine that have seeded and made new columbine which is way cool. The color on the plants get lighter and lighter every year. Some have no color at all. Can some one give me some advice on what I might need to do or what is happening? More

  • Columbine relative????

    ...ur local library plant sale fundraiser. I thought columbine but it doesnt flower like other columbines. Anyone know what it is? It is very happy growing in shade. More

  • Questions on deadheading columbine

    ...er the years I have heard many ways to deadhead a columbine so it will rebloom. Each way has been hard for me to understand where you cut it. Can anyone give me some insight to this?:) More

  • planting columbine seeds

    ...ere are any special rules to follow when planting columbine seeds. I've sowed some on top of soil about a month ago and can't see any seedlings yet ,Thanks More

  • Looking for Blue Columbine

    ...ngelsgarden's question about time of blooming for columbine seedlings. Angel, I'm impressed that you got the seeds to germinate and get as far as they are. I haven't had such good luck. And, digging dirt, those are mighty fine looking plants in your… More

  • Columbine question

    Can I cut my columbines back this early. They are looking kinda ragged. I have collection all the seed that I want except from one. More

  • Will My Columbine Bloom?

    This is a picture of one of the columbine plants that I started from seed early this spring. Most of them are doing great and are a pretty good size now. Anyone have experience with starting these from seed? If you can judge the size of this plant from the… More

  • columbine

    bought a columbine today that had some flowers blooming. can you deadhead columbine to get a second flowering? shade or sun? WET OR MOIST? More