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  • New additions

    In the container: petunia, potato vine, coleus, spike, and dahlia. In the second container we're growing some green and red leaf lettuce. Out back, I put in some annuals...marigold, zinnia, and snapdragon, as well as blanket flower and an encore azalea. More

  • June blooms!

    Bee balm, Fragrant angel coneflower, petunias/coleus/potato vine in a pot, nandina, shibori spirea More

  • Tell me what this is PLEEEEEEESE!

    Kale #11 is not a coleus , but #13 and 14 are coleus. They are great plants and can be grown in doors for the winter. swindyi More

  • how to grow coleus..

    :D ok this plant is a indoor plant the main thing with indoor plants is they must all grow in peat soil only dont just grab soil from your outside garden, get some sand and peat only a little bit of sand about a handfull and stack it in the… More

  • ID help please

    ...anyone has them. I think the first plant may be a coleus of some sort? The second plant is about 3 feet tall - I think maybe a weed -… More

  • Calling on all those experienced gardeners!

    ...ou are able to do this with. I read that forum on Coleus but I don't know when you say pinch them back exactly what you mean. (I guess that's before… More

  • Oregano or not oregano...that is the question!

    ...g mix and they took off. They look like a type of coleus but they smell strongly like oregano. The leaves are thick with a fuzzy… More

  • my gardens

    ...nd some yellow flower i can't remember ,radishes, coleus and spinich plus a few more… More

  • Jack in the Pulpit and other arums!

    ...arden collection! I traded a flat of 6 large leaf coleus I started from seed for 2 of these guys. I think I got the better deal! If anyone out there have any arums plaese feel free to post some pics here! More

  • There's a Hole in My Coleus

    I thought this looked kinda cool with the hens and chicks peeking through . . . More

  • coleus cuttings

    I potted about 20 stem cuttings of the coleus I had from last summer. I left 2 leaves a piece on them. They looked like they were doing great and each grew 2 more leaves. They all then started to wilt and die. Before they all died I attempted to… More

  • Coleus from leaf cuttings?????

    How do I take leaf cuttings from a coleus. My daughter has a beautiful coleus plant that I would love to have. She has tried several times to do leaf cuttings but nothing happens--they don't grow. Any suggestions? More

  • Coleus, to root?

    Is it more effective to root coleus in water or stick it right in soil to root? More

  • Coleus and gnats!

    I have a coleus plant that is growing very well but there are gnats swarming around it which causes my cat to go after them and I'm afraid she's going to destroy the plant. How do I keep the coleus gnat-free? :eek: More

  • Coleus and Strawberries

    ...wberries in the same bed I have already started 4 coleus plants (they've been in the ground for 3 weeks)?? Thank You :o):) More

  • Coleus Plant: Anyone know if this is unusual?

    ... garden. I can spend hours in my garden. I have a Coleus plant inside and the normal leaf pattern is two alternating leaves. However,… More

  • rooting coleus

    ...stions but want to start with this one on rooting coleus. A lady I know broke off some of her various coleus plants for me to take home and stick in water and… More

  • Coleus Cuttings

    ...g: 1. When should I take cuttings from my various coleus? 2. What do I do next? Should I dip the cutting into rooting hormone and then place in a container (pot) of moist soilless starting medium? Then cover… More

  • Question about coleus

    Has anyone ever tried to overwinter coleus plants? I just bought 8 plants today for some pots, but I was hoping to overwinter them, if possible. I know that they do not need alot of sun, but I was wondering if they are strong enough to make it through the… More

  • Coleus

    I love coleus, and these are so beautiful! :) More