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Coconut Tree

Coconut Tree Articles

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  • hello from costa rica!

    hey all....i just found this forum yesterday. i'm originally from chicago but i lived in miami, fl and austin, tx before moving down to costa rica about four years ago. i'm a nature freak, so i've done a fair amount of gardening everywhere i've lived. i'm much more of a… More

  • Elephant Ears

    I got the huge ones. The bulbs are as big as a coconut. They say they multiply really easy too. I will plant them with coleus and other shady plant. Some people grow them in containers but I think I will plant them in a shade bed. They have some… More

  • good soil for coconut tree

    ...e land that my father have inherited for planting coconut. the land is far from irrigation and is mountainous. I don't know if that land is appropriate to plant coconut tree. Thus it need to have an… More

  • coconut tree soil

    ...o, i found a site in hawaii that ships germinated coconuts. I have received my coconut and im very excited. it says to to place the coconut about 1/3 submerged into sandy soil. My question is, can anyone be a little more specific as far as the soil requirements for… More