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Clover Flower

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  • what is this?

    No pic but its a weed I am sure. Looks like a teeny morning glory and changes colors throughout the day. White to pale lavender to pink. And 15 minutes later back to white? Never seen anything like it in my lifetime. I willtry to get pics.(have honey take pics… More

  • Please, help me find out what plants I have.

    I am just wondering what two of my plants are. One has the leaves of a Madascar Dragon Tree but I'm not sure that that is what the plant actually is. It's about 14 inches tall and has grown about 8 inches in 2 years. It has long, thin leaves… More

  • SOOO Much to Trade!! Here's my updated list!

    Plants and Cuttings I have to trade: *Note: We grow completely organic only. • -Tamarix 'Summer Glow' - cuttings • -Willows: CUTTINGS: Salix Mats.'Golden Curls'(brilliant golden yellow bark, orange/red stems, green curly leaves-stunning, S. 'Dragon Claws", 'Hakura Nishiki', S. purpurea nana (Dwarf Blue Arctic), S. pur. pendula (Weeping Blue/Purple Arctic),… More

  • Getting rid of all turf.

    ...l grass in my front + back yards and replace with clover, flowers, shrubs, etc. I'm thinking I'd Roundup all the grass; wait a month, till the dead grass and then plant. Help! What do you think? Also, there's a gillion types of clover.… More

  • As The Worm Turns~~The Story

    Welcome to GG Gardens, everyone.:) As The Worm Turns is about life in the garden...and i mean IN the garden. Yes folks, there's a whole world in there teeming with all kinds of characters, relationships, drama and day-to-day life you just don't see while you're busy hoeing, watering and standing… More

  • Cleaning out flower beds

    ...down. I also have to move a few plants, ponies, a clover like plant with pretty pink flowers,… More

  • two plants i need help with...

    ...r that is red and spiked, but the leaves are like clover in shape. now to share with you all. I have been getting several packets of wildflowers and mixed flowers in one package and that has been great!!! so i have been searching on the web… More

  • Seed inventory *swap*

    Hello everyone, I joined this forum a few months ago and completely forgot about it until my other half (DanS) reminded me that I should post the seed inventory on this site as well so here goes. :) Dan and I are gearing up for the upcoming gardening season so… More

  • Redish purple plant with 3 leaves....

    ...ting to regrow. It looks like some sort of 3 leaf clover. But it is reddish purple. We keep it inside, it came in a planter. I have… More