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  • Help me with a siting problem?

    Greets, all. My house has a big, beautiful front porch with a fantastic view. Naturally, it's the favorite hangout spot all summer long -- so, to make it even nicer, I like to grow climbing flowers and train them onto the porch railings and pillars -- morning glories and moonflowers,… More

  • Over the Garden Fence Line

    I cannot understand why or the reason why their are so many plants, bushes and/or trees all growing through the fence line at my home. I have tried to chalk it up to poor planning on our previous owners, which was 13 years ago. I *had* a beautiful Mimosa Tree… More

  • Fiberglass Containers

    Now this is a rather specialised question, but I am sure there are some members with the knowledge to help me out. I am looking into forming my own containers out of fiberglass after a visit to local garden centers and nurseries and have seen the prices that are being… More

  • New (UK) Member Now Living in Michigan

    This looks like a great forum for information. I'm glad I found it. Being from the UK, I am finding a whole host of different terminology and plants than what I am used to. What's all this zoning business :) I need some help with some ideas for "greening up"… More

  • climber for part shade

    Looking for a climber in a southeast corner, not sure just how much shade, but hostas and impatiens like it there. There are trees above - on top the 12' rock wall. Zone 5a, by the way. What climbers should I try? Clematis? Honeysuckle? morning glory? If it doesn't bloom… More

  • "Iceberg" Climbing Rose

    I read that this climber is supposed to have a strong fragrance, hence my interest in it. However, on a recent trip to the garden centre I found one in bloom and it had no fragrance whatsoever! Does anybody have this particular rose? I really wanted a fragrant, white climberMore

  • what is it

    ...t? The person I bought it from said it would be a climber plant. Thankyou More

  • Hmmm... Is my climber dead?

    Hello y'awl. I have a climbing vine all over my house, that used to flourish with green waxy leaves which turned red in the autumn. Last summer, it did hardly anything at all (about 6 leaves only, and those right at the end of the "fingers" of woody growth). Is… More

  • cardinal climber/thunbergia ID

    It will re-seed it's self and you will be pulling babies forever...I planted mine four years ago and every year I have tons ofbabies come up...the seeds are very tiny...but rather easy to collect...they really are beautiful Hi Vegemn, As far as re-seeding. I have never had them come up… More

  • Hello from Williams, CA

    ...t last count) of Clematis, the so-called queen of climbers as well as… More

  • 4 New Ones

    :D On Sunday I put 4 new Bush roses in our courtyard. All 5-6ft in pinks and a red. One each of Nancy and Ronald Regan and to more I just had a senior moment on. Our other 46 are just now starting to open up and when the color… More

  • Heirloom Roses has climbers for $9.95 till 7/1!

    ... to find info on pruning climbing roses and found climbers on sale! They're $9.95 now thru July 1. They sell virus-free own-root roses. The grower is here in Oregon and has an excellent reputation. I bought two roses from them last spring and… More

  • Perenial Climbers

    I live in Oh, winters are pretty cold here. I wanted to plant some morning glory on our "low to the ground old fashion" fence (it's about 2.5 feet high with 2 horizontale peice of wood. I'm sorry I can't describe it better ehe. Anyway, I wanted to plant a… More

  • Deadheading new climbers

    I received 3 Don Juan climbers (bare root) 6 weeks ago. Planted them following the instructions, and all is well. Some pix on my profile page. They are starting toward the fence now and budding and blooming well. How and what should I do about deadheading? Any and all advice… More

  • Fertilizing in winter?

    Three of the four climbers I planted last May have survived. Don't know what happened to #1, it went belly up in a couple of months. Here in N. FL. it has been quite warm this winter so far. Should I (Or Not) fertilize the survivors yet? More

  • A Climbing Plant for a trellis or pergola

    I would like a climber for a pergola but it can't have flowers. My husband is highly allergic to bees. Are bees attracted to flowers or flowers with a fragrence? What kinds of climbers do not have flowers that I could use? Thx. More

  • Thinking of trying roses...

    Greetings everyone and Happy Spring! I'm thinking of trying some roses and I'm looking for some advice/tips/pointers/warnings! I'm thinking of starting with the inexpensive wal-mart or menards/lowes roses, so that I'm not investing a lot to start. I'm just uncertain as to what type and variety. I've heard a lot… More

  • jasmine

    I have two jasmine climbers, which I planted last year. I notice that the leaves of both plants are yellow or a browny yellow. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how I can treat it? They are in separate half barrels, and trail against a south facing… More

  • What shall I plant by the garage?

    I perfer perennials of course. I have a long bare area along the garage that wouldn't get much morning sun, but afternoon and evening sun is there. Im thinking something tall and showey. any suggestions? I should say im in northern michigan (hibiscus haven't even bloomed yet) And I haven't… More

  • Hi. Anyone know about climbers?

    ...re, and thought I'd start with a question about a climber I have. We moved house two years ago, and through the summer before last our house was covered in a climber with small "hands" of pads which stick to the wall. The leaves were green and oily… More