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  • Coriander

    I am trying to grow coriander/cilantro using miracle grow potting soil. It's not growing. Should I just plant them in clay? More

  • Weed identification

    ...specific herbicide. In the picture, it looks like cilantro but the texture is… More

  • cilantro

    ...r family Christmas on Sat....it calls for 1 Tblsp.cilantro, to sprinkle on top. I have NONE. What can I substitute that would be similar??? Thanks so much, I live 8 miles from… More

  • Rabbits in my cilantro

    The little bunnies leave all my other herbs but they are devouring my most used herb. Any suggestions? Besides putting them in a stew...which I would love to do. My family loves a good rabbit gumbo! More

  • fresh hot salsa

    ...ctures show the jalapeno peppers, green chile and cilantro in the garden. I added a couple of my Roma tomatoes and a touch of garlic and made a pretty hot salsa. More

  • What can I plant now?

    ...as wondering what herbs can I plant now? Parsley? Cilantro? Thyme? I live in Zone 7. More

  • Salads

    :D Hi, I love to try new recipes and I saw the topic for soups and I though it would be great to start one for salads. So if you have a salad recipe that you would like to share please do. Here is one to start: Mexican Cole Slaw… More

  • My little herb garden

    ...ront to make it look more defined. So far, I have Cilantro, Basil, oregano, rosemary and lavender in there. More

  • indoor patio herb guarden

    ...growing basil, thyme, rosemary, oregano, parsley, cilantro in my screened in patio in ft lauderdale. see alot of small flying insects in soil and on leaves of basil in particular. what is best, organic if possible, way to eliminate these and any other pests… More

  • I Need Cilantro Help! Please

    This is absolutely my favorite herb, but I fail at growing it successfully every year. I live in the city so MUST grow in pots. I get so excited to see the leaves, but once they are plucked, the plant is not usable anymore? It grows the shoots of coriander… More

  • How do I gather Cilantro seeds?

    Do I wait until they dry?..cut them off fresh and let them dry?..let them fall and gather them?..please help More

  • Harvesting and Storing Cilantro

    ...just started an herb garden about 3 weeks ago. My Cilantro is growing out of control. I have researched online and read that you can freeze some herbs. However, there is no mention of Cilantro. The only… More

  • Datura & Cilantro

    ...k I messed up real bad. I put my datura seeds and cilantro seeds in the same "starter" tray. Then added lots of water. Then I read Datura's are toxic/poisonous (?). :confused: :surprised: Is it… More

  • Cilantro from coriander seeds?

    Hi, I read that to grow cilantro we can sow the seeds directly into the ground. I wanted to know if I could sow store bought coriander seeds for growing the cilantro. More

  • Cilantro

    I just got some cilantro seeds in the mail. Many of them have some outer shell that fell off leaving a smaller seed seperated. Some of them are still whole? What the heck do I plant? More

  • cilantro

    My cilantro is sending up taller stems with a different leaf shape. Are these flowering stems and if so should i cut them off? does then mean it all have to be harvested or just cut off these parts and the plant will continue to grow More

  • Telling the difference between Italian parsley and cilantro

    ...Then, I had volunteers come up of what I think is cilantro, but they look the same to me. So, other than smell, how can I tell the difference...be specific....I'm not catching on to this too easily! More

  • Cilantro and Mint

    Im planning to grow cilantro and mint in containers. For each of these, pls answer the following: 1. Do they need sun or shade? 2. Can I buy seeds or am I better off buying plants from nurseries? 3. Can I grow them in 1 pot? 4. Once I harvest… More


    ...lanting their seeds. Specifically, the tomato and cilantro tree, but a general… More

  • Freezing Cilantro

    ...o save as much as I can. I went to get some fresh cilantro from my garden for my black bean with cilantroMore