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Choosing Trees & Shrubs

Choosing Trees & Shrubs Articles

Choosing Trees & Shrubs Videos

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  • Just put in trees from Arbor Day...

    You know how they send you 10 free trees when you send a donation to Arbor Day Foundation? Well, we just got ours to plant here in southern Virginia. My husband planted them 4 days ago. We have that really heavy clay soil. We did add a little Miracle Gro… More

  • Purchased trees, wait till fall to plant, or get in ground ASAP?

    ...a huge 50% off sale and I bought a flowering plum tree, a red-twig dogwood shrub, and several firethorns at a great deal. I know this isn't… More

  • replanting small trees

    ...dig up a small tree? And how big a plant should I choose? More

  • Transplanting trees?

    My friend is going to gather some redwood seedlings for me from a friends yard and send them to me in the mail. What is the best way to send the seedlings in the mail? What is the best way to keep them alive after they have been taken from… More

  • Poplar Trees

    We were just given 3 live young Poplar trees by TucsonGreenFestival and need some information. I have read ALL kinds of bad things about these trees. But want to help out any way we can with keeping our planet green. We live in Tucson Az on a regular size lot… More

  • Banana Trees

    I divided 2 of my musa basjoo banana trees yesterday and transplanted them back in the ground.They are starting to wilt and dont look to good now,and i am wondering if they are going into shock.They all had good roots on the pups which were all about 3 feet tall.Please… More

  • ants and hibicus trees

    ...r the last4-5 years. i have also planted hibicius trees in large containers for about the same time. i have noticed ants on trees and in the containers. am i inviting the ants with these trees? More

  • What's killing Florida trees?

    ...wbird!) and couldn't help but notice all the dead trees with this gray stuff hanging off of them. I've seen spanish moss in New Orleans and this looked different. I'm figuring there is a pest in the gray stuff that kills the… More

  • citrus fruit trees in mississippi

    does any one know if orange, lemon, and lime trees do well in northeast mississippi zone 7b. what about any other fruit trees. any suggestions More

  • Trimming sycamore trees

    I have 2 small american sycamore trees about 4-5 feet tall. What is the best tme to trim them? More

  • Branches cut from trees

    We have several trees on our place. We have noticed branches on the ground under some of the trees. Looks like something just sawed it off. They are small brances about 1/4 inch in diameter. Do the squirrels cut off branches? Or what? :confused: More

  • 2 trees to id

    ok i'm back with my 2 mystery trees to see if we can get a definate ID on them. First picture is the big tree. Second picture is the smaller tree Third picture is both of them. More

  • Ideas on shade (fruit) trees

    Hello, I'm looking into shade trees for my zone 8 backyard. This tree would receive plenty of sunshine throughout the day during the summer. Ideally, I'd like to have a fruit bearing tree (peach? apricot?) but I believe these trees do best with other trees of their same ilk around… More

  • Bringing plants / trees in to US from Spain

    ... concerning bringing in to the States flowers and trees such as olive trees? I have a home in each country and want to plant some olive trees in my yard in Louisiana. How can I do it? Rgds More

  • fruiting trees

    ...I was told to use some of it to purchase fruiting trees. We already have 2 apple trees and 2 pear trees. The… More

  • Fruit trees

    ...o chemical) mix I could spray my apple/pear/peach trees with for control of bugs/disease spotted, fruit. Any suggestons? More

  • Trees

    ...igure out what causes growth from the bottom of a tree. New branches start coming out of two small dogwoods and a crepe myrtle, and look very healthy, maybe even better than the upper part of the tree. Weve had a reasonable amount of rain here and… More

  • Trees

    I have a question about planting trees. I have about 15 feet between my house and my neighbors fence (the total square footage of where I want to do some work is roughly 680 sqr ft.). That side of the house gets full western exposure and the sun can be… More

  • Trees

    Anyone know if the Little Gems fill out after a few years? More

  • tree like shrubs

    ... draping foliage at the top. They look like small trees and are about 3 to 4 ft. tall. They have beautiful… More

  • Dead Trees and Shrubs!

    ... to impossible to find someone to remove two dead trees and an almost dead flowering almond shrub! We don't want to look at dead trees all summer! What's up with the landscape companies? These wouldn't be such huge jobs as… More

  • Trees, shrubs, vines, etc.

    ...e backdrop around the perimeter of the yard using trees and shrubs. One particular area I am having trouble with is my front walkway: I have a garden at the… More

  • Does anyone have any redwood trees near them?

    ...es anyone have any Giant Sequoia or Coast Redwood trees near them? I mean like the adult trees with cones. does anyone have any mature Redwood trees near them? More

  • Citrus Trees

    I have come to the conclusion that citrus trees do not like moist soil. I have cleared away some mulch from all of them to see if they improve. They all look healthy, but are not growing at the same rate as my other trees. Hopefully, this does the trick. More

  • Cypress Trees

    Cypress Tree I had never seen one of these Trees before I moved here to Louisiana 10+ yrs ago. I think they are really cool. More

  • What do you think of these pine trees?

    You got it ZZ. I thought I posted this yesterday.... bit i don't see it now. Go Figure More

  • hackberry trees

    A few of the hackberry trees are losing their leaves! They are turning yellow and just falling off. Is anyone else's doing this? Could it be bugs eating on them? More

  • Joshua trees

    ...hing about the California desert, it's the Joshua tree! More

  • Sycamore trees

    We have several huge sycamore trees in our yard. Every summer when it gets hot all of the grass around these trees dies. Each spring we have planted new gras and the result is the same. Does anyone know about this? More

  • Need help with Banana Trees

    I live in the Ozarks. I planted Banana trees, this year, outside. Does anyone know how I can "Winter Over" the trees,to plant outside next year. I don't think they'll make it through our Ozark Winter. I use to keep them in pots, on my sunporch, But, they take up… More

  • Honey Bee Trees and Shrubs

    I would be interested in what trees and shrubs honey bees use for pollen/nector in your yard. I am a new bee keeper and, although I realize the bees go far, I am putting in plants (on my 1.5 acre lot) that bees like. More