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Choosing Plants

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  • Cats and plants.

    I like plants..my cats do too. Right now I have 2 plants that are on the top of my computer desk because if I put them anywhere else, one of my cats will eat the leaves. It drives me crazy. How am I supposed to get them light? I don't… More

  • plants and seeds??

    ...yone who lives in or near indiana would know what plants or seeds you can plant in the fall for summer ?? ty sooo much More

  • Pepper Plants?

    Last year I planted 3 Jalapeno Plants in the same bed as some Cantalope Plants. I also had Endive growing in that bed as well but I harvested that early. Once I had a decent amount of Jalapenos grown I tried using them and they were the hotest peppers I… More

  • Sedum Plants

    I have a couple different large types of sedum plants planted in my back yard under my birdfeeders. The other day I noticed that something was nibbling on my sedum plants. I know it wasn't the deer because they would eat it down to the ground. So I was keeping… More

  • Black plants???

    ...s watching a garden program on the TV about black plants? Does anyone have any,are there a lot of different kinds that you can buy?What are some garden centers that carry's them or does anyone have any black plants?Thank you rita More

  • Help with multiple plants

    These just bloomed this week, do you know what these are? Thanks! Stephanie More

  • plants or seeds?

    I'm just wondering, how many of you start your plants, veggie or flowers, from seed or do you buy your plants at a local green house? Or do you order from catalogs. 95% of mine are from plants from local greenhouses/garden centers. More

  • Blackberry Plants

    I need some blackberry plants , I would like to have the best "of course" kind to make jam & jelly, so with that said. how many plants do I need ? and where can I find them ?, Thanks Guilt Trip More

  • aloe vera plants

    i need help i have some aloe plants that were doing great when the were outside in summer but now that there in side they are wilting the leaves are turning to mush how do i save my plants More

  • Planting Perennial plants..

    I purchased some Black Eyed Susan plants and Purple Coneflowers on ebay and just got them. Can I stick them in the garden now or should I put them in a pot indoors? Can emerging plants stand a light frost (just in case)? They come from mature plantings.. More

  • Low Plants for the Edge

    Which plants make good edgers for a full sun garden? More

  • house plants

    ...hard on me to bring in and out , these are potted plants , have a spralling type cactus , hawain spider plant , fire flash plant , grape ivy plant , and arrowhead… More

  • Pest controlling plants

    I found this chart of plants that repel garden pests. http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf29648744.tip.html More

  • carnivorous plants

    I would like to find out more about carnivorous plants called "sundews" I was on the internet and they are very interesting so does anyone grow them and where is a good place to buy them?Thank you More

  • Christmas plants

    Besides the usual poinsettias, what other indoor plants would look nice around Christmas? I'd like to have something different around the house this year. We do have cats, so preferrably nothing poisonous. :) More

  • Berry plants

    I would love to have some berry plants to plant outside that the kids could mess with. I have some wild blackberries that just grow along the ground and produce a few here and there that they love to go pick and eat. I would just like some more higher… More

  • Hanging plants

    Does anyone have some good ideas for hanging plants? I remember way back when there were those macrame things that the pots were suspended in. What are some things that can be used today? More

  • Fig Plants

    Is it true that they do better planted by a building? More

  • Two Plants to Identify

    I think these plants are on the wild side, but I really like the blooms and foilage. John More

  • Help with two plants

    ...ny help appreciated in identifying what these two plants are.. 69729 This second one appeared under a samll tree and started spreading along the ground... 69730 Thanks! More

  • New to plants!

    ...kend! My name is Kay and I know very little about plants, gardening, and plant care. I love nature and I'd like to make it a part of my home. I was wondering if anyone had some good ideas about what plantsMore

  • Too many plants...

    I have so many extra pond plants, I wish I knew of anyone in my area that needed them. I have Purple Pickerel Rush, Pink Pickerel Rush, Umbrella Palm,TONS of water lettuce. It would be nice to share and trade with local folk! More

  • Help With Two Plants

    I need help with two of the three plants I used for two Mother's Day baskets I made. I know that one of them is a pink version of sutera. The other two weren't tagged, but the woman at the nursery told me how to take care of them. If… More

  • What are these plants??

    ...eing "what comes up". I've got three unidentified plants here and one strange tree (that I've trimmed on the bottom and still waiting for my husband to do the top). Can… More

  • Big mistake in choosing soil for container????

    PLEASE HELP!!Has anyone ever used for your container a garden soil mix that is supposed to be worked into regular soil? I bought Sta-green garden soil for vegetables and flowers for my containers because regular potting soils did not specifically say "for veg." (I have NO experience with gardening at… More

  • plants

    hi there can anyone help and tell me what plants i should be putting in my pond thanx karen. More

  • Name These Plants Please

    ... fall after a heart procedure. It had 8 different plants in it but there are still 4 I'm not sure of. 3 of them, I know basic names but not exact and one (the last photo) has me completely stumped. To help for size… More

  • New Plants

    Bought these two beauties yesterday. Wonder how long my Fuchsia will last when it gets hot & humid. I tried them before and they start dwindling in the heat More

  • my plants

    this is bascally just a picture post lol i have some --ok 2 things-- mints in a mug and mint an strawberries in a maragarita glass an oh yea my borage is flowerin like mad lol the pictures are from my camera phone if youre corious whats what just ask… More

  • Are these weeds or plants???

    Thanks, everyone! More

  • Please help identify these plants

    Thanks to one and all who can help name these beauties! More

  • two plants i need help with...

    here is a flower that is red and spiked, but the leaves are like clover in shape. now to share with you all. I have been getting several packets of wildflowers and mixed flowers in one package and that has been great!!! so i have been searching on the web… More

  • Looking for some different plants

    I am looking for some plants, but they aren't your regular ones. I am trying to fill in some spots and have some specific desires. I don't know if anyone has any of these, but if you do, I am willing to trade...just let me know what you are looking… More

  • so what plants are these?

    ...comco.htm But it says it's an annual and I didn't plant that. (the flowers were gone today but I have seen them) The second one, is that a tree that's starting or what? More

  • A few plants

    The first one I found in my yard and decided to replant it in my shade garden as a ground cover. I have no idea what it is though. The second one just popped up under the hosta. It had an orange flower on it yesterday but something must have… More

  • choosing hedge plants for veggie garden

    Looking for ideas on which hedge plants to use for protective border around our vegetable garden. Want something 2-4ft high that will help block the strong winds we frequently get. We live in zone 5a and have fertile, well drained soil. More