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  • Aphid deterant?

    I've got about a 20oz can of garlic chives seeds or about a 32 oz can of orangy-yellow marigold seeds if you need some for companion planting. I find it works a treat. And less hassle than continually spraying. More

  • ll thDang It!

    ...tty, so I'll just put it up again. I like it with chives and marjoram. More

  • How long from false leaves to true leaves?

    I have corn salad, rocket and Chives under the grow lamp. Chives are obviously going to do ok, but I got the grow lamp a little late for the other two. I sowed them about 2.5 weeks ago and they are between one and two inches high. When should I… More

  • seedling id help peas

    ok i KNOW there IS a mess of chives there are 2 pics of the same one with chives long one after cut im corious what is which type of basil an what the outher things are the outher im corious what the heach it is i found it in… More

  • Herb garden plan help

    ... design ideas for the following plants? Lavender, chives, chamomile and tarragon. I'll have several of each. More

  • Any good things with aerogarden herbs

    ...cipes with basil dill oregeno and mint mostly the chives dindnt really come up and there are no thyme from it tho i added catnip to the mint for the cats ----biyu on her phone More

  • Good deal at wal mart

    ... and I got 5 pots, soil, seeds (basil, coriander, chives, thyme and parsley) and stand. Now everything is planted and under a warm light... hope this turns out nice! Anyone else has seen this? More

  • Herbs lost their flavor.

    I brought in my oregano, chives, and mint for the winter, but they seem to have lost most of their flavor. I love having them fresh to use. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to amp up the flavor now that they're inside? I'm in zone 5b, if that… More

  • chive problems

    I have green chives in my garden .they did great for 4 years and i always put cow munure on them in winter and cover them with fir branches .this year they did not grow much they grew once and before i cut them they had turned yellow and never… More

  • Something ate my roses last year not anymore

    ...re something that worked for me. I planted garlic chives and sage around one rose. I planted common chives around the other now nothing is eating or touching them not even the deer! More

  • What are you growing?

    ...pers Summer squash Scallions Just added: Lavender chives Garlic chives Peppermint Lemon boy tomatoes chamomile Wildflower mix More

  • chives

    quick question here~i noticed on my chives that it looks like they are going to seed on top of where the flower bloom was. is it o.k. to pull those off and collect the seeds? amanda More

  • Chives

    ... Could someone please tell me the best way to dry chives? I would greatly appreciate the info. More

  • Chives??

    This is my first year growing chives. Basil makes pesto, and cilantro makes guacamole. What in the world do you do with chives?? I guess there would be a lot of main dishes that contain chives, but are there any sauces or dips or such things where chives are one… More

  • are chives started

    ...pring when I was buying herbs I couldnt ever find chives..and I couldnt find seeds either...so was wondering are they started from seeds?? ~C~ More

  • Garlic Chives!

    I'll be collecting seeds from my garlic chives soon. They're a beautiful herb, bloom for weeks, and taste good too! :) More

  • Wild Chives Conundrum

    Apparently we have wild chives growing incessantly around our yard and they have even spread to the yard next door (the owners have moved and are selling the house)! When we moved in to the house a couple of years ago they were isolated in just two little areas (specifically… More

  • My Chives just aren't growing well...

    ...d somewhere in this forum, that if you can't grow Chives, get another hobby.... Well, it's not my hobby but I like Chives a lot. Have grown them from seed and transplanted some plants from a store. They are doing fine for a couple of weeks, then… More

  • Garlic Chives

    I love them! More


    I have just been given a plant and was told its a chive although it has very broad leaves a very tiny bulb and smells strongly of onions does any one know what it is? my mother uses it like a chive and says it has white flowers please please… More