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Cherry Tree

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  • Whats wrong with my Kwanzan Flowering Cherry

    he tree was planted in May.It is a fairly large tree 205 cal. As you can see the leaves are yellow brown spots and lots of holes in the green ones.What do I need to do for my poor tree? More

  • Weeping Cherry Is it dead?

    ...had a very hot summer last year but I thought our tree was fine. It dropped it's leaves at the normal time. This spring it has not done a thing! Usually by now… More

  • Weeping Cherry leaves all fell off in mid Sept?

    ... should not be concerned..... I planted a weeping cherry this past spring. It is a typical young tree about 7' tall. It seemed to thrive all summer and I kept it well watered and fertilized. In early September the leaves appeared to wilt a… More

  • Yoshino Cherry

    I have a Yoshino Cherry Tree that we planted 3 years ago that does not bloom. It just gets leaves. All our other flowering Trees bloom except for this one. Any ideas?? More

  • Help Identifying this tree

    ... doesn't know what it is. It kind of looks like a cherry tree, but the fruit looks kind of like a raspberry. Thanks! More

  • Yellow leaves on Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry

    .... I in NJ and I purchased a Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry in early May. It was immediately planted and was doing very well. Only in the past 2-3 days I noticed the leaves are turing yellow… More

  • No Blossoms this Year :(

    ...looms a foot or so at the bottom. The rest of the tree just went to green leaves this spring. What would be causing this beautiful tree not to have any… More

  • Gift from the birds

    ...ard grayana but someone else suggested wild black cherry. More

  • Flowering Tree

    ...he pond very messy. Hubby used to call it a choke cherryMore

  • My Dwarf Cherry is Dying!

    ...und. How can I prevent that from happening to the cherry tree I planted this spring? What causes it? More

  • Is my Weeping Cherry dead?

    I planted a weeping cherry tree in May of this year. We have had a very dry summer and all the leaves fell off the tree. I thought it was dead and planned to pull it out this fall. Now I see that the main stalk has green sprouts starting… More


    I planted a fountain cherry tree this spring. It seemed to be doing great up until about a week ago. We have had a very wet spring. I have kept it watered. It has begun to look like a plant that needs water. The leaves are droopy and limp. It… More

  • snow fountain weeping cherry tree

    Hi , I planted a snow fountain weeping cherry tree about 3 weekks ago. I am begining to get green leaves/buds. I have noticed most of the weeping cherry trees in the area have already bloomed. will mine bloom or just give me green leaves? do the white flowers come… More

  • My Cherry Tree

    I have had a snow whiteweeping cherry tree for 10 years now.It bloomsbeautiful this time of year. Unfortunately the last 2 years it has only had blossoms a foot from the bottom of the tree. The rest of the tree comes out with green leaves with no blossoms. Can anyone… More

  • 5 on 1 Cherry tree

    Very cool Caz. :) More


    She is growing wild now, I have her in the ground since May 2005 Spring, she was potted one year for me and not sure how long for the man that started it (I got her in a trade).He said it was the fall or spring before.. Im told it… More

  • Frostbite and yoshino cherry tree

    HELP! I need advice - I have two yoshino cherry trees that I planted about 5 years ago. We had a late spring freeze (as most of you know) and the most vigorous of the two, although it had bloomed, never produced any leaves! (The other one located right across… More

  • Weeping Snow Fountain Cherry Tree oozing sap

    ...ed some information about a Weeping Snow Fountain Cherry tree we planted a month ago. At this time it is oozing a clear sap at the top where the branches come out and droop/weep down. Should I be concerned? If so, what should… More

  • Weeping Cherry Tree

    Hi, I hope someone can help. I have a Weeping Cherry that seems to be doing well except that I have had it for 8 years now and it has never had any blossoms. It has leaves every year and seems to be growing well, just no pretty flowers. I… More

  • Cherry Tree

    ...nk this should happen but not sure. it's my first cherry tree which actually produced fruit so don't know much about it yet. Know anything about cherry trees? Thanks! PS. if a pic. is needed let me… More