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  • fave flowers?

    i was thinkin puttin this over the fence lol but figured itd proubly be better here im corious what everyones fave type of flower is (if yall could attach an image or 2 thatd be awesomeness)?? me? i LOVE zinnias dont know why but do also my uncle has this… More

  • Winter Damage

    No not the kind caused by nature. Unless you can count being winter trapped in the house with Internet access and spring fever. I was going through my pending to be shipped orders in my saved mail. AAAAAK! I know there are more, and these don't even reflect any Co-Op… More

  • Wanting some trades please

    Hello everyone. I am wanting to do a few trades. I don't really have a lot to offer. I am still kind of new to gardening. *By new I mean that while i have been collecting seeds since the fall I haven't really got to plant any of them yet*… More

  • Seeds

    ... pink Calendula-yellow&orange Castor Bean-red Celosia- tall pink Ceratotheca trilob-South African Foxglove Chimes Crabapple Columbine-white Coneflower-purple, prarie, Coreopsis-tall yellow,red plains,lance leaf,sunray, Cosmos-yellow… More

  • I am looking for *Flamingo Feather*

    Oh geez, if memory serves me, it is a Celosia? I planted it 4 years ago and boy did it produce and reseed like crazy. But, where it was planted we dug up and put a pool there. Silly me forgot about it til I realized. Oh crap I messed… More

  • Glory/Morningglories Sept. pics

    ...lse except forums.1,Chocolate pepper 2 patunias 3 celosia(I think)4 Hot hungarian peppers 5 sunset from my… More

  • celosia/cockscomb

    Sometimes celosia looks like an actual cock's comb while other's look more like a flame. Why is that? Are they different varieties or is one a male and the other a female? I honestly feel stupid for asking this, but I haven't been able to find the answer elsewhere. Kate… More

  • Thinking Celosia?

    My neighbor across the street has loads of these and she said I can have some. I just wanted to know what they are. They are perennials and they are just so showy, so some help please.. :) More

  • is it called dog's tail???..id pls

    blooms some flowers look like celosia (cockscomb), but i think it is not a celosia...must some what called dog's tail??:rolleyes: someone help id pls..thanks. More

  • Another mystery plant, but not Celosia!

    ...blooming in August. The flowers look exactly like Celosia Flamingo, but all the descriptions of Celosia I have seen say the maximum height is around 3 feet, and this thing… More