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  • Ok you grn. bean crazy people, I have recipes for you!!!!

    Was on the internet yesterday to find out how to blanch my grn. beans and found some great recipes!!! Though we could swap some recipes people could try and start our on food critic tasting forum, ok so here I go; Stir Fried Grn. Beans with Pork 1-1/4 lb. grn.… More

  • Veggies in Containers on Deck with Limited direct sun?

    I'm moving in April to an apt with a deck. And I'd like to do some container gardening on the deck. The trouble is that my building directly faces another building. There is approximately 70 feet between the two bldgs. As a result, the only DIRECT sun is when the… More

  • Seasoned Tomato Puree

    4 quarts peeled, cored, chopped tomatoes (about 2 dozen large) 3 cups chopped onions 2 cups sliced carrots (about 4 medium) 2 cups chopped celery 1 1/2 cups green peppers (about 3 medium) 1 Tbsp. salt Combine all ingredients, cook until tender. Press through fine sieve (I don't, I just… More

  • Peanut butter with.....

    What do you guys like to eat peanut butter with? I like it with the regular sweet stuff like jelly or in something chocolate. I like to dip cut up fruit or vegetables in it. I also like it in savory things like spicy Thai sauces and African peanut stew.… More

  • Does anyone have a recipe for oyster dressing???Help!!

    My mother was up visiting my great aunt today and was bragging about the dressing that I made for Thanksgiving Dinner(have to admit,it was pretty tasty,humble person that I am,LOL). She mentioned that her late husband always made oyster dressing for her every Christmas and how much she missed that.Mom… More

  • Companion planting

    I just couldnt keep it to myself! Glad you like it!:D! I wouldnt put cabbage with toms either but will try some of thier suggestions:D! What a wealth of info huh? Now that Iwas looking at my pics from years ago and remebering what I did ..Kale and toms didnt… More

  • Your SOUP recipes ~ needed now!!

    It's time for the big ol' Soup Pot to come out of storage (not that mine is ever IN storage:D). Haul out those soup-time-favorites and share!! CAJUN HAMBURGER SOUP 1# lean ground beef (I sometimes add Italian sausauge too) 1 medium onion, chopped 2 quarts water 1 28-oz can diced… More

  • Traaade not for me, but the ducks!

    Hello! I have ducks! -Is very proud and happy about this fact.- However, all their staple diet currently consists of is pellet for youth growth and bits of lettuce every now and again. Oh - and any grasses they nibble on during yard outings. What I would love to find… More

  • Pot Pie, or as we call it, "Pop's Pie"

    I did a search and came up empty handed so I thought I'd share one of my family's favorite and easiest dinners evah! My dad taught me, hence "Pop's Pie" 1lb of meat of choice. We always use chicken. 1 can cream of ________ soup. Mushroom, celery, chicken... you can't… More

  • Rosemary Such A Pretty Name but...

    Look at what I just read! QUOTE: " It is also believed to affect the menstrual cycle, act as an abortifacient (inducing miscarriage), relieve menstrual cramps, increase urine flow, and reduce kidney pain (for example, from kidney stones). Rosemary is generally considered safe when taken in recommended doses. However, there… More

  • Endangered Recipes: Too Good to Be Forgotten

    Marinated Tuscan White Beans 1 cup small white beans cooked as per package instructions OR 2 cans prepared beans 1 bunch scallions 1/2 cup celery 1/2 cup red bell pepper 1/2 tsp. celery salt 1/2 cup olive oil 3/4 cup white wine vinegar Salt and pepper to taste Fresh or… More

  • Celery advice

    Well, I haven't grown it yet, so no first hand experience here. I've heard its tough to grow right. Here's a link to offer some reading. [URL=http://www.farm-garden.com/growing-vegetables/13/]Celery Thanks for the link jbb, was helpful. I'm still a little confused on WHEN to start blanching. But that link gave me a… More

  • Celery

    This is my second year on growing celery and this year it grow like crazy. I way to much to use right away and I was wondering if I could freeze it for later use in sauces. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. Tina More

  • Chinese Celery

    one of my fren give my chinese celery seed. it quite small seed. i need your advice and as well as opinoin regarding in planting chinese celery? if i use direct-sowing method, it can done? what about transplanting? actually what i need a guidance or step by step how to… More

  • Refrigerator Cucumber Pickles

    This recipe belonged to my late mother. I've been making them for the last 2 weeks, they are sooo good and will keep for up to a year. I always make a gallon or 2 for the winter. When you make these if you could look up and say a… More

  • Juice recipies

    Here are a few Tomato Juice Recipes for you. I have listed Basic Canned Tomato Juice directions below. Additional spices/peppers etc. may be added according to your taste. Gary/Louisville Basic CANNED TOMATO JUICE 1/2 bushel tomatoes, cook & strain 1 lg. onion 1 bundle celery tops Cook until tender and… More

  • Yummies hiding nutrition

    :D I need recipes that are yummy, esp. to kids, which hide nutritious stuff like broccoli, spinach, etc. My kids are pretty good eaters, but besides eating peas and green beans, and sometimes celery, I can't get them to eat other green veggies and cauliflower. Can you all help me,… More

  • hello to all

    i am a male expat in saudi arabia and i am into container gardening in my terrace. i have hot peppers, bitter gourd, guava, celery and beans (patani) from southeast asia. i also use:cool: my veggie scraps for composting. hope to learn more from g.g. More

  • Chicken Salad With Green Grapes??

    Anybody have a good receipe for chicken salad, with green grapes, preferably. Celery is a no-no with our family....just one of the things none of us like. After all these years, I've never made chicken salad. But, I've tasted it with the grapes and it's delicious. More

  • celery

    How do I know when the celery's ready? it's been growing all summer. it's starting to get bitter and limp tasting which makes me think it's past it's prime. but it doesn't have nearly the number of stalks that I see when buying it at the grocery store. never tried… More