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Cedar Tree

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  • Cedar Hedges

    ...I went into the country and picked up a few dozen cedar trees from a friend who has acres of land. Dug a trench, might be too deep, filled it with water, planted the trees....now what? I want them to… More

  • Cedar Rust/Apple Trees

    ... of apple trees next month, but am concerned with cedar rust affecting them. Living in the Ozarks we are surrounded by cedars, and there is definately cedar rust out there. Does anyone have and knowledge about how its transmitted, treatment (is there treatment… More

  • Alaskan Weeping Cedar...help????

    ... any knowledge on the planting of Alaskan Weeping Cedars? We purchase a 3-4 ft. little guy 2 months ago and it's just not doing as well as we had hoped. We've noticed quite a bit of browning - we thought we did right by the little guy… More

  • Rock Garden?

    I have a rock retaining wall that is full of gaps and I'd like to find something to fill them in with. Does anybody have any ideas for a plant or small flower (preferably)that will grow in crevices? I'm in zone 7, so I do get snow several feet a… More

  • Trillium...Red vs. White

    This is a wildflower question & I don't see an appropriate forum, so I'll put it here. In a nearby woods, trilliums grow bountifully. There is the very occasional white one, but almost all are red. I understand that in most places, it's the white that is more common. Might… More

  • Living on the MOON in Zone 8

    Thanks for reading my post. Before you read any further...I made a mistake with my zone...USDA puts me in Zone 7, but the Sunset Garden Book puts me in 2B. I don't know which one to use. I live in the mountains near Big Bear, California, so I get snow… More

  • Hiya from Western Slope High Plains in Colorado

    ...like any other place on earth with enormous Sage, Cedars, and Pine in… More

  • Please help with our White Cedar/Pink Trumpet

    ...e of the seeds, and we've grown a seven foot tall tree indoors. I have two problems that I hope you can help me with. 1. the… More

  • Need a tree along my deck

    I'm thinking about a small tree where the cedar planter is and I'd like some suggestions--we want more of an enclosed feel to the deck. I'm thinking about a small tree or a shrub that can be limbed up, like a viburnum. The area between the deck and fence is… More

  • What is this flower?

    Saw this huge cedar tree covered with this flower. Owner called it a rose, but didn't know what kind of rose. I couldn't get over how it had covered the cedar tree. Maybe someone can help me... Reba/La. More

  • Cedar Mulch and ants

    I have always read that red cedar mulch is a fine mulch to use. I have esom e land with way to many cedars so I bought a 6" chipper to utalize it rather than burning when I am clearing out. I assumed that cedar mulch would repel pest since… More

  • ? BUSH took over Cedar Tree...need your help, please

    ... the crawfish this weekend I ran across this HUGE Cedar Tree covered with flowers of some kind. Can anyone tell me what the flower is? Owner called it a Rose Bush... but I thought maybe it was a English Dogwood. Flower leaf looks like a… More

  • Cedar waxwing sighting

    ... thought I saw a couple cedar waxwings in a small tree next to my patio. They flew off before I could tell for sure. Just now, I was able to grab the binoculars and confirm two CWs were perched in another small tree in my yard. This is… More

  • Evergreen

    ...inking about planting a cedar (or some evergreen) tree in the corner of my sisters yard, with the lower branches trimmed off, so she has a place to hang feeders, and she won't lose the flowers she has planted underneath it. :) Any thoughts ? More

  • Pileateds

    ...e swooping across her front lawn and into the big cedar tree. I looked closer and it was a Pileated Woodpecker. The most fun of all was that she had never seen one before.… More

  • Can anyone please identify this tree?

    ... stone in the center. Sometimes we get a flock of cedar waxwings in to eat up the… More

  • need some advice on transplanting a cedar tree

    im transplanting a cedar tree and would like to know if there is anything i should put in the soil that might help it along? More