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  • HELP leaf cutter??????

    Is there a pest called a leaf cutter? I looked in the pest section and didnt see anything by that name. I have several kinds of veggie plants whose leaves get severed in the night time, and drug a few inches away from the plant. The leaf does not look… More

  • Yummies hiding nutrition

    ..., I can't get them to eat other green veggies and cauliflower. Can you all help me,… More

  • Grilled vegeetables!

    ...w to me, too. Let me know what you think! GRILLED CAULIFLOWER I… More

  • Eeeeeewwwwwww

    ...e picking off 21 small green caterpillars from my cauliflower and broccoli plants! I put all the little buggers into my platform bird feeder ;) Based on the number of birds trying to get in there, I will guess they are a welcome treat :D What could… More

  • Pepper leaves has holes in them

    Hello, I have bell pepper plants and something is eating them. I planted them at the end of April. I haven't seen any bugs around them, but these holes are appearing all over the leaves. I am using Ortho Max-garden insect dust. I live in Maryland and for the past… More

  • Storm Damage

    ... very worried about some of my garden plants. The cauliflower and some of the other plants like the Zucchini plants exectra had such strong winds that… More

  • New to site with lots to trade!

    Hi all, I have a ton of different seeds that I can trade I will list a few, but let me know if you are looking for something specific! thanks, lisa Oriental Poppies sunflower mix trumpet vine angel of peru datura cleome white daisy kentucky green beans acorn squash monkey… More

  • Brussel Sprouts & Egg Plants

    ...ferous vegetable, brussel sprouts, cabbage, broc, cauliflower can withstand a mild frost. Does… More

  • Seedlings dying :(

    ... are thriving (at least for now), my broccoli and cauliflower sprouts seem to be dying/wilting.… More

  • What is this??

    ... This has never happened to me before!! I planted cauliflower seeds and it looks like I am growing collards. Can anybody tell me what type of plants are these? More

  • Brassicas, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Cauliflower etc

    I have a strange white fly that is at the bottom of all my Brassic leaves. when i was mulching this afternoon I saw these little white creatures flying about. They are not fluffy lice as they all have wings. I suspect whitefly? How bad is this and how can… More

  • Blanching cauliflower

    Hello, I am growing cauliflower for the first time and I am curious about "blanching." I know you cover the heads with the leafs when they are about 2-4 inches in diameter. I read that doing that keeps moisture from the head. When it rains, would I need to cover… More

  • Whats Up with my cauliflower?

    ...year with a vegetable garden. This year I planted cauliflower plants from the local nursery. I have never planted cauliflower before. I have large beautiful green leaves but no heads starting in the center. Is it… More

  • Harvesting cauliflower

    Hello, I have a cauliflower curd about 3 inches wide so I have covered it with the leaves. How long does this process take before the fruit is mature enough to cut? This is my 1st time growing cauliflower. More

  • Will new cauliflower grow?

    I have harvested some cauliflower and was wondering do they grow little side shoots like broccoli or should I just dig up the plant and put something else in its place? More

  • Cauliflower Problem

    I was told that I needed to blanch my cauliflower when it was 3-5 inches and I was told bigger by my father-in-law. Well, I only have one that is ready(3-5) but when I went out to cover it or blanch it I noticed that it is purple inside!? What… More

  • Cauliflower Help

    ...t be able to help me. I purchased several started cauliflower plants (to many if you ask me!) but with the first ones I bought we had a bad problem with beetles. They ate them down to nothing. I spred some garden dust and that took… More

  • Cauliflower from outer space!!!

    ... Please somebody tell me what is going on with my cauliflower. :rolleyes: I bought this plant from a garden store about a month ago with a small white head on it. Now, this plant is growing real crazy looking!!LOL I have pictures from the front and back showing how… More

  • Pin holes in potted cauliflower leaves

    Hello, I am growing cauliflower in a pot this year and I have noticed several, pin holes in the leaves of the plant. The plant is growing otherwise healthy in a good potting soil. I live in Maryland and for the past 4-6 weeks, it has been raining a good… More

  • Blanching Cauliflower

    Is there a way to save the cauliflower if critters have eaten the leaves away around the head of a cauliflower? More