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Catnip Articles

Catnip Videos

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    Growing Catnip

    Catnip can be grown in your herb garden and used to make fragrant teas. Learn… More

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  • take a walk back in the good times.........

    take a look at what i found,,,lol Forums View Today's Active Threads Welcome to the Forums. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.… More

  • is this what i think??? no cant be!!

    im corious if these are indeed strawberries we had some afew years ago FAR away never had "babies" or so to speak i wouldnt think it too possible fer there to be ones now least not from that plant --was like 4+ years ago an they were in a container… More

  • seeds

    i have canna-red hosta- dark green large verbena moss rose of sharon- pink marigolds- mix love in a mist- mix forget me not-blue love lies bleeding coneflower-purple morning glory- "violet feathers" broom corn(sorghum vulgar) radish lemon bee balm artemisia "sweet annie" parsley broccoli pepper-green i would like lavender living stones… More

  • seedling id help peas

    ok i KNOW there IS a mess of chives there are 2 pics of the same one with chives long one after cut im corious what is which type of basil an what the outher things are the outher im corious what the heach it is i found it in… More

  • cutting back overgrown plants

    Hi All.... I was a member ages ago and left for a bit but am back with a question. I have a rather sad looking perennial garden... (thats what happens when 3 of six dogs can jump the fence surrounding it) but in either case.... some of my plants are… More

  • Hi! Glad to be here! I'm drowning in Mint!

    I have moved into a home that used to belong to avid gardeners! The house and yard was a complete vegetable and flower garden. I have 60 years worth of bulbs and rhizomes to take care of! I have two beautifully matched Bradford Pear trees that need to be trimmed… More

  • question about mint rust

    last year my spearamint got a dedcent outbreak of what i assumer to be mint rust(rusty more noticable on bottom of leaves if right looked alot like rust tho more orange like then red like if i remember correctally) the spearamint came from my fave place most of my plants… More

  • Organic Food Year Round!

    ...ch I will not be doing. The closest I ever get is catnip for my kitty. They mention tomatoes, but I imagine in an… More

  • Hello from Kansas

    hayhay! glad to be here. I LOVE plants and one day I plan to have my very own floral shop! I am very excited about it. I have started some seeds this year (not something ive really done in the past. I didnt have the best sucess with them. I… More

  • Ornamental Ribbon Grass

    I have ton's of this stuff around my yard, apparently the woman who owned the property previously must have LOVED this stuff! :rolleyes: I was at a local nursery the other day and saw them selling it for $18 for a small bunch!!! I simply couldn't believe it. Anyway, I… More

  • Mint garden

    ...ar I have lemon balm, bee balm and peppermint and catnip/catmint. More

  • mint schnikes

    ok so acouple weeks ago i needed ta chop some of the mint in our pots --it loves this area-- i decided ta toss some in this vase my mom has with water i really dont know if she likes it oir not lol well now like 2 weeks later… More

  • Catmints

    .../index.html Scroll down to see all the variety in catnip. I mentioned a lemon variety in another post. The Japanese Pink variety is well worth googling to see a photo. I am going to get another variety to mix with my catnip that has a white to purple blossom that… More

  • Catnip? Sage?

    I recently inherited a garden plot and I can't identify either of thease two plants. Please help. More

  • seeds needed

    I'm looking for catnip , sage and leeks. If you have seed I would very much be interested. please let me know thanks. More

  • Any good things with aerogarden herbs

    ...ome up and there are no thyme from it tho i added catnip to the mint for the cats ----biyu on her phone More

  • The Cats Meow

    ...inja" lying in the middle of my corn. Oh does the catnip need to grow and grow quickly...... More

  • what will work?

    i wanna overwinter atleast some of my plants that i have this yea right now im likin the sound of in water to save space easyier ta cheak on or i have a pot with some of that moisture potting soil i could re-start an use an another pot with… More

  • seed harvesting

    ...fer it) last year i used cinnamon basil tai basil catnip ginger mint an yea… More

  • catnip?

    ... have 5 cats and was thinking about planting some catnip for them in the garden. then drying it and lettign them have it. If it plant it indoors they tear up the plant and walk off with the plant in their mouths and the soil trailing behind them which… More