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  • 'Knockout' Rose

    ...ckout" Rose? It looks like a great alternative to camellia or rose-of-sharon that are just too big for my little garden ('Knockout' roses only get about 3-4 feet, according to what I read.) My book states that it is very disease-resistant and low-maintenance, but I… More

  • First additions of '09

    Just finished planting the Camellia and the Mahonia, on the back side of my house. The Camellia is a japonica hybrid called 'Charlean' More

  • Sunny South Carolina

    I've already made a few posts, but I haven't formally introduced myself. I guess I got too excited about finding out the name of a shrub that I was highly interested in. Then I remembered to put in my profile. I noticed all the color that I have in the… More

  • Cheap Gardening Books

    I just wanted to share a website I really like for very cheap books. For most of the books there isn't anything at all wrong with them but they have a black marker line on the bottom or side of the pages (so that you can't take and return the… More

  • Full shade produce? Does it exist?

    I am moving into a condo in Culver City CA (90230) with a patio with an approximate 4' x 6' area where I had hoped to have a lovely vegetable garden and some citrus trees. To my disappointment, I realized the reason there's nothing but rocks over soil there now… More

  • Camellia leaf problem

    My camellia japonica's leaves have turned a choclatey brown on a lime green/yellow base. It is a recently aquired large pot specimen that was, in the nursery's words, overdue for a re-pot. On arrival the leaves were OK apart from a few frosted tips. It is now in our fairly… More

  • Grandpa's Camellia

    ...ndpa in Savannah. I can still remember when those Camellias where only about as high as my knee :p More

  • Do you know this camellia reticulata?

    Can you identify this camellia? My mother has forgotten its name. Thanks. Irene More

  • Identifying a camellia

    Can anyone help me identify a camellia? I have a photo but first need to figure out how to post it. It's a reticulata. Thanks Irene More

  • Camellia blooms for Christmas

    ...t a new digital camera and had to share the first camellia bloom of the season. The Christmas cactus looks pretty good also. I know nothing about camellias, the bush is about 12' tall. Is that unusual or not? More

  • Camellia confusion!

    ...ime next spring or summer I'm looking at adding a Camellia or two to the garden. I know the basic differences between C. japonica and C. sasanqua (leaves, flowers, etc.) but have been reading all kinds of differing opinions and stories about the cold hardiness, drought tolerance, and cultural requirements… More

  • Camellia and eucalyptus

    A friend of mine asked me to root her some camellia and eucalyptus. My first thought was that you can't root either one of those plants, can you? Please let me know what to tell her. More

  • My first Camellia

    ...he unsightly forsythia along the back fence. This Camellia is an Ackerman hybrid called Camellia oleifera 'Winter Star' I don't think I'll miss the forsythia much, hehe :p More