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Cactus & Succulent Care

Cactus & Succulent Care Articles

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  • Christmas Cactus

    ...ranches(for lack of a better word)of my Christmas cactus have a shriveled appearance and a reddish-pink hue - and still flower - I assume it's in the wrong light - but it seems to happen where ever I move it - except in the summer… More

  • Cactus Wren

    Glenda started a round robin seed swap, got up to 7 members by her cutoff date, said it was closed because there weren't the 10 she asked for. Then she started a new thread for the same thing. I have sent her a PM to encourage to include the ones… More

  • Holiday Cactus Help!

    A friend of mine gave me a cutting of a Holiday Cactus (not sure what type) about a year and a half ago the plant seemed to be doing quite well but of late it keeps dropping leaf and I've also noticed that some of the leaves seem lighter round… More

  • What Kind Of Cactus Is This??

    ...d because he was never transplanted. I put him in Cactus soil and a bigger pot and what happened was he started growing… More

  • Cactus lady

    I just responded to a newbie who loves cactus. Then I saw that she had all kinds of links in her profile. I PM'ed her to kindly remove all things commercial. I hope that works. Witt More

  • cactus and succulents

    I have 2 large epi cuttings...one is 9 inches the other is 13 inches. 2 small opuntia pads...bunny ears and one unknown 2 rooted plants of mother of thousands..well rooted and about 4-6 inches tall. Watch chain crassla cuttings. verigated jade cutting What I am looking for is Echeveria cuttings/leaves… More

  • Is Crown of Thorns a cactus?

    ...horns plant and was wondering if it was a type of cactus?Thanks, kj More

  • Christmas and Easter cactus and bulbs

    ...e...I have a nice size well established christmas cactus and also easter cactus...and some daff bulbs as well as alliums and grape hyacinths. Oh and I also have cutting of coral honey suckle and white/yellow honey suckle that are in water to root right now. I have weeping willow… More

  • Christmas Cactus turning purple?????

    Hi everyone, I have a Christmas cactus with a weird problem. Some of the leaves (stems ???) are turning purple and drooping. About half of the plant has this problem. The other half of the plant is fine and in fact is blooming right now. Has anyone ever seen this?… More

  • Easter/Spring Cactus

    My mom bought a pink and a red Spring/Easter Cactus and since there were about 4 plants in each one, she gave me one of each. Can anyone give me any advice on them? More

  • Easter Cactus How to Make it Bloom??

    I have an Easter Cactus that I bought 2 years ago. Of course it was blooming when I bought it, but it hasn't bloomed since. I know some one on here knows how to make it bloom again. I have a Christmas Cactus that I always put in the dark… More

  • New Mexico Cactus Garden

    I live in New Mexico and grow a cactus garden. More

  • Cactus and Succlent

    I plan on starting some epiphyllum cactus ( Orchid cactus) from seeds has any one tried this before and what kind of luck have you had I found all kinds of information on the net but want to see what some of the members here have to say about growing… More

  • Orchid cactus

    ... very nice 10 and 12 inch rooted leaves of orchid cactus. I would like to trade them for other succulents. I am really wanting some Echeveria but would consider other things. The orchid cactus came to me in a (cactus for postage trade) and I misunderstood what… More

  • Cactus? Succulent? Palm? What is this?

    it's about a foot tall, the needles are hard and about an inch long. the leaves on top have a spread of about 8". the leaves drop in the winter when I bring it in. can anyone identify it. I bought it at Lowe's Garden Center a few years ago… More

  • Christmas Cactus

    ...ng time and finally bought one. Now how do I take care of it? How often do you water them? Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. More

  • Need help with ID for a cactus & a succulent, please.

    ... day, loved the red ball on one of the cacti. The cactus & the succulent in the front I think I know, maybe a mammilaria & an echeveria, but the two at the back are a mystery to me. The succulent is a lovely… More

  • name the cactus/succulent

    ...t know the name. It is hard as a rock, not like a succulent. Anyone know of this plant? Linda B More

  • name the cactus/succulent

    ...t know the name. It is hard as a rock, not like a succulent. Anyone know of this plant? Linda B More

  • Cacti/Succulent forum

    ...n I was looking for were to post a question about cactus and didnt know were I should post it..lol So I… More

  • Cactus grab bag!!

    I am offering a grab bag of cactus and succulents, these will be odds and ends of differant types of cactus and succulent..most are small plants or rooted cuttings and even some unrooted cuttings. I just need to cut down on my load some. some of what you may find… More

  • Is this a cactus?

    My grandmother gave me a few pieces and they multiply like crazy. It's a hardy little house plant and it has actually bloomed a couple of times. Unfortunately it isn't now and I don't have a picture handy, but it makes the most beautiful crimson trumpet shaped flowers. My grandmother… More

  • Cactus Identity Help.

    ...renzo Creek in upper Hayward and came across this cactus, I took a small cutting and am hoping for an identity if anyone can help me. More

  • Cactus

    I was wondering how to propigate this cactus. I have no idea what kind it is. It is around 15 years old. It is 2' tall on the main shoot, then the top got cut off in the patio door and it grew another section off that, and it is… More

  • More Cactus ans Succulents for postage

    As I have been going through my stock I am weeding out the things I dont have as much interest in to make more space for things I do. I wish I had unlimited space so I could keep it all, but I dont. I am going to make one… More

  • Dying Cactus and Succulents :(

    Hello, I have a small cactus and succulent (and an aloe, which is doing fine so far). The cactus is looking mushy at the bottom, and the succulent has had almost all the leaves fall off! Anyone have any idea why this is happening? I am thinking it is aphids,… More

  • Succulent

    ...l Aug 25th. The lady that scheduled me had a huge cactus like plant that took up a whole wall, it had a really nice large white bloom which she said only lasts… More