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  • Recommend a cactus for indoor low light area

    I'm trying to find house plants that will do okay with (1) me and my brown thumb, and (2) in a room that gets very little sunlight. I thought a cactus might fill the bill. I prefer a type that won't get really big; however, I don't know much about… More

  • Need help with ID for a cactus & a succulent, please.

    Bought this cacti/succulent garden the other day, loved the red ball on one of the cacti. The cactus & the succulent in the front I think I know, maybe a mammilaria & an echeveria, but the two at the back are a mystery to me. The succulent is a lovely… More

  • Cactus

    I was wondering how to propigate this cactus. I have no idea what kind it is. It is around 15 years old. It is 2' tall on the main shoot, then the top got cut off in the patio door and it grew another section off that, and it is… More

  • Background on echinopsis seminudus

    Whilst I do know how to care for cacti, the does & don'ts & such-like, I do not know about the background, such as where is it native to & what are its normal growing conditions, of the echinopsis seminudus (now that's a name to make a teenage boy laugh):0… More

  • cold hardy cactus

    ... if anyone is doing any gardening with cold hardy cacti. we are in MN Z4, but we are not afraid to "push the… More

  • Tenerife Spain Plant Info?

    ...ce from site photos (full of white marguerite and cacti) and some images from flickr).:rolleyes: Does anyone know the… More

  • Hello from AZ

    .... We expect to be doing containers of annuals and cacti and this is the… More

  • 5 gallon fish tank

    ok soo i have this couple year old 5 gallon fish tank its all plastic an ive been thinkin bout turning it into a terrium type thing i think i wanna use herbs or mostly maby get acouple small itty bitty trees growing in there? (i have apple and orange… More

  • Christmas Cactus??

    :) Christmas Cacti do not like to be moved esp around bloom time. They will drop their buds in a heart beat. Although they are supposed to bloom at Xmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, they jus seem to bloom when ever they feel like I have a white with hot pink center… More

  • Have 2 Epies and a Flute Jade for trade

    Hi there, I would like to trade for other cacti or succulents. I have 2 Epies and 2 nice Flute Jade plants. All are well rooted. The Flude Jades are very nice established baby plants. RR More

  • Plant ID

    ...he plant in the photo, looks like a succlent or a cacti. any help would be appriciated. More

  • cacti seeds

    question when are they "big enough" to be transplanted? rightnow there in mini greenhouses or so under the aerogarden just starting to show the first signs of whet they are More

  • Cacti question

    Can cacti get sunburned? I put mine out for the summer, and they are looking red :confused: I have them in full sun, should I move them into part sun? I am really good at killing cactus, but I've had these for about 2 years with no problems and I… More

  • NEW! Cacti and Succulents

    Hi, Please check out our NEW topic Cacti and Succulents under The Ornamental Garden Category. Feel free to stop by to discuss your thoughts and questions pertaining to Cacti and Succulents. Here is the link: http://my.gardenguides.com/forums/forum/10375 More

  • Cacti and succulents

    I just got a group of cacti and succulents and they are so nice bt i would love to know if anyone can name any of them. It would be cool to know what it is I have. More

  • cacti seedlings

    how long should they have there seed leaves?? --i have ones i started sometime in october as a kit from vegas an there still wioth seed leaves everything else ive got is past that by now (well the tamotoes an peppers an outher things are) --if yall want pics jus… More

  • Cacti/Succulent forum

    What are the chances we can get a cacti/succulent forum? I would love it myself and maybe others would also. Just a thought:) The question came to me when I was looking for were to post a question about cactus and didnt know were I should post it..lol So I… More

  • Welcome!

    Welcome to Garden Guides new Cacti and Succulent Forum. Isn't this neat? Here's picture of one of my unknowns. More

  • Succulents & Cacti in Florida

    I have recently become OBSESSED with succulents. My problem is that I live in Florida and it is now the rainy season. If I move them out of the rain they don't get enough sun, does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get them through the rainy… More

  • Mystery cacti and succulents

    ...F recently went shopping and came home with these cacti and succulents for me. My only problem is not knowing what type they are. If anyone has any hints, I would greatly appreciate it. thank you. More

  • cacti

    :rolleyes: hey i was wondering wether any one has cacti seeds/plant that i cam buy of them More