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  • what is that gorgeous plant?

    ...? Its a fall plant, low to the ground, looks like cabbage but with a big bright purple center. May… More

  • Volunteer tomatoes

    ...teer tomatoes in places I do not what them. In my cabbage patch. I want to put them in big containers. Do you think I will get anything from them if I baby them and then when it gets colder bring them inside. Any… More

  • Meet Herman

    ...hose whoppers??!! i'd hate to have this guy in MY cabbageMore

  • Canning vegetable soup

    ...able soup? I would like to use potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onion, store bought can corn, green beans, and tomato soup. I tried and the lids sealed but the juice started leaking around the lids after one day. Please help. More

  • Sauerkraut

    ... Sauerkraut is really easy to make. Take 5 lbs of cabbage, mix about 3 tbls of pickling salt. Pack tightly into a stone crock and let it set for 4 to 6 weeks. On top of the Sauerkraut place some kind of weight… More

  • Plz help, odd fungus / mushroom in strawbale beds...

    ... wanted to plant my tomatoes in. I already have 4 cabbage growing but I do not know if these fungi are safe to be near growing edible plants. I… More

  • What is Full Sun?...

    I just started my veggie garden on the side of my house. Now that the sun is in full force I noticed that part of my veggie garden is shaded by my house. My garden is out in the sun but shaded areas are worrying me. Is that still considered… More

  • Before and After (Progress)

    The "winterish" looking photo is the before (taken Mother's day weekend) and the after a few days ago. We had a real late start to the season here in Minnesota so we are behind. Of course the late start had to happen the first year we own a house and… More

  • Can broccoli survive summer heat?

    ...rry that they plant won't survive the heat. Also, cabbage worms have begun to make holes in the leaves (I… More

  • Veggie seeds

    ...would really like to get some herb heads. brocoli cabbage cantelope watermelon carrots spinach cucumber zuchini yellow squash lettuce lima beans pea bush beans Peppers tomatoes There may be more. Some are heirlooms. RR More

  • Lambs ear??

    ...lmost the same color, but it's in the shape of a "cabbage head". What on earth is it? Can anyone identify this plant? More

  • World record cabbage

    125.9 pounds-- A massive green cabbage captured the Guinness World Record at the Alaska State Fair on Wednesday, crushing a record set in 1989 by nearly two pounds.http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/state_fair/story/920747.html More

  • Holes in cabbage

    I have holes in my cabbage leaves and can't seem to find what is eating away at them. I've tried crushed egg shells but so far no good. What can I do other than insecticides? GA More

  • Cabbage butterflies

    My roomate thinks I should encourage the white cabbage butterflies to lay eggs on my cabbage and let the worms eat it, so the world will have more butterflies. If I want cabbage, she says, I can buy it at the store. Please help me be patient. More

  • Cabbage Storage

    Anyone have any ideas on storing cabbage? Its so hot right now I really don't want to can it if I don't have to. I was wondering if I could just blanch it, then drain it really well and freeze it. I have 3 large heads out of the garden… More

  • white cabbage butterfly

    Valery wanted to know what white butterfly laid eggs in her garden. Is this the butterfly? or perhpgs one like it? Linda B from SC More

  • See any butterflies yet?

    ...swallowtail and the yellow (sulpher?) is that the cabbage butterfly? will have to look in my reference book. Linda B More

  • pest

    my cabbage plants are turning blue whats wrong More

  • cabbage bargain

    I got nine in total. Other ones are planted in other areas of my beds. I got them for .50 cents. All of them. Went to check out and of course there had been a mistake with the price...blah blah. Do not make me get the dept manager, cause I… More

  • Planting cabbage

    ...g all this stuff-but I, myself have never planted cabbage. Does each cabbage plant produce only one head of cabbage? I know they take a lot of room, but I don't want 8 cabbage plants; I… More