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Buying Seeds

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  • Stevia

    I keep on buying stevia seeds. They keep on sprouting, at low percentages, which is fine. But why do they grow so tall so fast that they fall over? I've noticed other plants do this too? I've had the same things happen to sunflowers, and flax. More

  • freezer

    I want to get a freezer to store my harvest. But I'm not sure what size to get. I know it's highly dependent on garden size and stuff but wondering what size others are using. Growing up we had a large one in the basement that was bigger than the… More

  • Am I seeding right?! Please help...

    Hello!! This is my first time trying to grow from seeds and I would like to explain exactly what I have done to see if I am doing it right. I am so new at this and I am starting off with just the info that the lovely people on… More

  • Question re: drying flowers

    ...is terrific site. Also, planting flower seeds and buying flowers are all new to me! I live in an apartment, so I don't have a garden, but still love the beauty of flowers, plants, herbs, etc.! I just started so I hope… More

  • Saffron Seeds

    ...d like to know of a place where I can buy Saffron seeds More

  • Grow or buy?

    ...y friend. I love to watch my own things grow from seed, but it's tempting to fill in with the plants from the greenhouse. If WS goes well for me this year, I'll never buy… More

  • marigold seeds question

    I have an abundance of marigold seeds. Can I just fill a tray with potting soil, sprinkle the seeds and keep them there ti'll I can transplant? I have no more seed starting mix and don't really want to buy anymore. More

  • Looking for

    Does anyone have Oregano seeds ?? The plant with the white flower. Not purple...... I don't have seeds to trade, but will buy them. Oh I have a few Scarlet runner bean seed.... Thanks :broccoli: More

  • Mixed Green Salad

    ...een looking at seed catalogues, figuring out what seeds I need (ok, want) to buy. I keep coming across a "mixed green" salad. How does that grow exactly? I know it is a mescaline mix, but do you just sprinkle the seeds on the… More

  • cuke o rama!

    good thing the boyfriend's a cucumber 'vulture'! the poors things were given no room at all, and i can hardly keep up w/ picking 'em. they're all in teeny tiny window boxes (2 plants per) and i grew the damn things from a cuke we had w/ dinner one night!… More

  • Tree Identification

    ...llo, hope I can get some help on this one. We are buying a house and me wife wants th ensure the seeds from a tree in the backyard are not a major danger to the dogs or children. We live just outside Tucson, AZ. I have attached photos of… More

  • Sunflower seeds

    ...ingrandma here. I have a question about sunflower seeds. I planted mammoth sunflowers this year around part of my garden and the they were huge. Tons of seeds in them. Does anyone know the best way to harvest them? Shake them out? Or actually when they are to… More

  • Buying seeds/plants...

    Is there a forum to get advice on which online companies/nurseries are reputable and which are not? Also, which ones have the most reasonable prices and quality products? I just recently made a purchase from a company online and was kinda worried after the fact about the quality of the… More

  • Buying organic seeds

    ....what exactly is "organic seeds"? I thought about buying some Burpee organic seeds for my vegetable garden this year but I'm totally in the dark. Can I save seeds and plant them next year-will they grow and produce? This is all a new venue for me and… More

  • A question about flower seeds!

    ...d before, I'm new to this site and I just started buying plants and seeds/soil. I don't know a lot at all about plants/flowers, except that I love their beauty. One thing I don't understand are some directions on the flower seed packets I… More

  • What seeds for zone 8 can be started in August?

    ...my annuals from seed since it's much cheaper than buying seedlings from a nursery. Can I get an amen! Are there any seeds I can start in August? I'm in Eugene, OR. More

  • Moss Rose

    ...owing in after our last frost. I bought some more seeds this year and was going to try… More

  • Cilantro and Mint

    ...n or shade? 2. Can I buy seeds or am I better off buying plants from nurseries? 3. Can I grow them in 1 pot? 4. Once I harvest… More

  • are chives started

    ...bs I couldnt ever find chives..and I couldnt find seeds either...so was wondering are they started from seeds?? ~C~ More

  • buying seeds

    Hi everyone, I bought a bunch of seeds this yearand I have a whole bunch left. I have a question.....can you freeze leftover seeds that you bought? If so, how long can they last in the freezer? These are the seeds I have left: Broccoli Raab Tomato (grape and roma)… More