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  • what plant this bulb is suppose to be???

    my neighbour gave this bulb to me, they don't know what plant it is. are there someone knows what plant this bulb is suppose to be:confused: :confused: thanks... More

  • Light bulb for your nursery?

    ... seeds and sprout. I know some people use a light bulb, but I'm wondering if it's possible to use ANY light bulb? More

  • bulb questions

    I have some in odd places, like the middle of the yard and behind some trees where only the neighbors can see them. I'm going to stake out where they are somehow, wait until the foliage dies and dig them up. How do I store them until it's time to… More

  • will my bulb survive?

    ...i knew next to nothing about plants. so i left my bulbs in the ground. was that ok to do? i'm now reading you should cover or remove your bulbs before frost. i planted a couple of different bulbs, wind flowers--i… More

  • Bulb questions...

    Was wondering how I should store my bulbs? I dug them up over a month ago, & they have been in a bag since. They now have a blackish-slimmy residue all over them, I'm guessing that's due to all the moisture that was trapped inside the bag I stored them… More

  • Bulb Yellow Flowers Help!

    Hello all, It is that time again, I have things coming up in my flowerbeds that I did not plant (new house). I love the surprises, but am once again perplexed with this one. Hopefully someone can clue me in. More

  • Help ID this Mini Bulb?

    Hi all, Once again here I am clueless about the plants at our new house. This came up around the mailbox this Spring. It seemed to take forever before it had flowers. It peaked around the first week in May. Height on the leaves is around 8 inches. Take a… More

  • What the world bulb plant???

    :rolleyes: I cannot figure out what plant this is. I have had it indoor for two years now. It seems similar to a onion plant, but the base is different. I want to find out what it is and how I can grow more from this plant. More

  • South African Bulb

    I bought some bulbs (actually they look more like corms) about 20 years ago and have since lost the tag. I believe (but not certain) the nurseryman told me it was from South Africa. It's never turned around season-wise, still starts growing in the fall, starts blooming in Nov and… More

  • daffodil bulb's and pink lily rhizomes

    Would you do SASE? More

  • Unidentified, bulb, blue flower

    Havent been in here for awhile. I have been B U S Y........ am a nurse assistant and have been privately hired in homes. Kinda like hospice. Anyway, with all the rain in California.. we have so M A N Y weeds this season, so between work and weeding, i… More

  • Tulip Bulb Help Please!

    I am new to bulbs and I started by planting two different sets of late-blooming tulips bulbs (purchased from Walmart, so that may be my first mistake). I followed all instructions and planted last Nov. I am in NC and we have had plenty of cold for the bulbs to… More

  • Bulb Trays

    ...any experience with "Bulb trays"? http://www.dutchgardens.com/Early-Bird-Spring-Bulb-Bed/default/StandardCatalog.specialtyf.30291.cpd How the Bulb Bed planting trays work: This unique, biodegradable planting tray arrives with 45 top-size Bulbs already placed in the tray's segments. Planting is super simple: Dig a hole and plant the whole tray. Because of the foolproof design, you're… More

  • bulb

    I planted bleeding heart, hostas and daylilies bulbs then the weather turned rainy for 5 days straight. I see no grow from these bulbs. Could all that rain have ruined my bulbs? More

  • This is most likely a bulb

    Found this had come up since the weather has turned cool/cold. Don't recognize it as one I have purchased, so it might have been a share plant. Beautiful leaf and color. Largest leaf may be three inches? More

  • Has bulb or not

    ...ut now I noticed it in a few more places. Is it a bulb and when is… More

  • Would like bulb garden (full to partial shade)

    A couple of Bulbs that will take full shade are hardy begonia (Begonia grandis), Zone 6, summer hardy cyclamen (Cyclamen hederifolium), Zone 7, late summer to fall Bulbs that I found do well in part shade are crocus (Crocus vernus), Zone 4, early spring anemone (Anemone blanda), Zone 6, early… More

  • bulb depth.

    When told to plant a bulb 6 inches deep, does this mean the hole should be 6 inches? or that the top of the bulb should be 6 inches from the surface ? or am i putting too much thought into this ??? Just curious, larry More

  • Bulb on leaf

    ...rowing red onions and they have recently formed a bulb-like tip on them. The plants are large and look very healthy looking. Can you tell me what this is? More

  • Bulb questions...

    Earlier this summer I dug up various bulbs around my yard. The previous owner of my house planted them pnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn mmmmmmmmmmm More

  • gladious bulb

    Does anyone know how to winterize Gladious bulbs, I do not want to take them out of the ground for the winter. Should they be trimmed down?:confused: : More

  • Amaryliss Bulb

    I planted these in a pot back in the spring, will they bloom? Thanks. John More

  • Clematis Bulb

    I want to plant my clematis bulb in a giant pot. Will it be ok in a pot & would I be able to move it later without killing it? Does it grow too fast to be planted in a pot? More

  • My first bulb garden

    ...e proud of this pic. This is the first part of my garden that I planned and put together (last fall). I think it turned out pretty ok. I am not sure where the purple tulip came from, or the 2 green ?tulips? on the right.… More