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  • Snow Frosting

    Here's what the ol broccoli and radish looked like this morning! More

  • Pond Lovers

    :broccoli: Who here has a pond, if you do talk about it. I love hearing about other peoples ponds, even put in your pictures. i built mine 2 years ago, its an insert pond and sits in bricks with rocks around it and koi, i love it but its not… More

  • Happy anniversary Pacificstar

    ... boat HUGZZZZZZZ to you both :animorang :carrot: :broccoli: :animorang :carrot: :broccoli: :banana-wa ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Garden Bear More

  • Hi all, im new to the site & looking for some tips

    ...he love of the outdoors. To learn, share and grow:broccoli: :broccoli: :broccoli: More

  • What Ya Planting Now?

    ...Cucumber going to setout cucumber plants tonight. broccoli the broccoli plants are too small another day or two. Tomatoes I also have some roma… More

  • Not new just been away

    ...! Nice to be back though :banana-wa Bananas & broccoli very very cool! Been through a few eye surgeries and I moved! Finally got that house in the country! Hope to get back into the swing soon! Im really liking… More

  • Starting College...

    On Monday the 18th... :broccoli: I'm doing a Part Time Course on Floristry National Certificate.... More

  • After the rain

    ...nice rain this morning. The water droplets on the broccoli leaves were neat. More

  • Hello

    ...oe.new to this forum.just thought i would say hi.:broccoli: More

  • Brassicas, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, Cauliflower etc

    I have a strange white fly that is at the bottom of all my Brassic leaves. when i was mulching this afternoon I saw these little white creatures flying about. They are not fluffy lice as they all have wings. I suspect whitefly? How bad is this and how can… More

  • Can broccoli survive summer heat?

    I planted several broccoli plants from seed about 2 months ago. I'm worried about them for two reasons: it is getting quite hot here in DC (85+ days) and I worry that they plant won't survive the heat. Also, cabbage worms have begun to make holes in the leaves (I… More

  • Broccoli Salad

    This is one of our favorites! 2 bunches of broccoli, chopped 1/2 cup of raisins, seedless 1 cup of mayo 3 tablespoons vinegar 2 small chopped onions 6 bacon strips 1/2 cup sugar Fry bacon til done and crumble In a large bowl mix broccoli, onions and raisins. Set aside… More

  • Broccoli Rabe

    ...s that time of year again... I've decided to grow broccoli rabe this year. I've grown broccoli for many years, with great results. My question....Does broccoli rabe continue to give edible shoots all season, or do you harvest the entire… More

  • Broccoli

    I started some broccoli by seed but have no idea what they look like when they first start. Needless to say, I don't know if I actually have little broccoli plants started or weeds. They are still really little with just a leaf or two. Can anyone tell me what… More

  • Broccoli and Onions not well

    I planted from seed broccoli and onions. Both came up quickly but the stems on the broccoli are very thin. After the sprouts came up, I put the plants near the window for sunlight and started to water with a diluted solution of miracle grow fertilizer. The broccoli plants only… More

  • I'm Making Broccoli!

    Today, Sat. 11/15/08-My garden of broccoli & radish-Here's what's makin! More

  • Can I save my broccoli & califlower?

    ... cold and had starting putting on nice heads. The broccoli close to harvest, but when the next heat wave hit, all starting flowering. Can I do… More

  • Lettuce and Broccoli container sizes?

    ... smallest possible container size for lettuce and broccoli plants? How much space do they REALLY need? Can I trade depth for width, or do their roots really need horizontal real estate? Is a windowbox even… More

  • Broccoli Please Help

    ...a container garden and I have never tried to grow broccoli before. My plants have come up and are huge and beautiful but they have sprouted yellow flowers and just keep growing. Will the broccoli head follow? Do I need to cut the flower stalk off?… More

  • Broccoli

    Hello, I am growing broccoli in my garden and when I cut the stalk, the broccoli wilts almost immediately. When I pick it, it is firm and otherwise healthy looking. What can I do to keep the broccoli firm until I freeze it? Do I blanch this veggie? More