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Black Roses

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  • Tropicana rose

    ...needs" and now I'm remembering why. This rose has black spot which I have been spraying for… More

  • Rose Blight

    ...on the plants, although there is some browning or black spots on certain stems. It's in the… More

  • what to do.

    ...advice from friends I decided to get two miniture roses. I had herd they were hard to keep alive but I wanted a chalenge. So I went to wall mart to see if they had any roses (not smart idea)I saw these two roses and I… More

  • Where can I look to see what kind of roses I have?

    ...ch about gardening. I love it, but think I have a black thumb! I have three large bushes… More

  • Helping my roses...

    ...stards. Also, I used a fungicide to help with the black spots. I know, I know, I shouldn't use the chemicals but I have a little of… More

  • Bugs on Blooms

    ...uch the open blooms though, there are little tiny black bugs that just scatter everywhere. In the second picture you can see one on my hand and in the third picture you can see them… More

  • Winter kill

    Ok, so I am still new to roses and last year had put in three new ones (Tahitian Sunset, Mr. Lincoln and Brides Dream (I think)). My Honey Dijon is three years old now and last year grew 4-5' tall with good rose production. For winter protection I did the… More

  • black spot

    ...ited the beauties but there's one problem. I have black spot on almost all bushes. Everything I've… More

  • Oh My Gosh! I'm Dooomed! I'm Doomed I Tell Ya'!

    ...nder the pressure of Japanese Beetle Beasties and Black Spot and gave up on roses all together. It came in the mail today and it is on the kitchen table taunting me! It has a pretty peachy… More

  • 3rd year for roses

    ...ur new home for 3 years so this is year #3 for my roses and I just have to say that i cannot BELIEVE how well they are doing. There are buds everywhere the eye can see! They are also gigantic!!!! There are no signs of… More

  • A few rose questions. Lavender lace?

    ...before but then again, I'm just starting out with roses. Does anyone know if I can do a root start on this particular plant? I would like to give my… More

  • Black spot 2nd year in a row. Thinking of ditches roses for good.

    ...y be the last time I try to get this darn blasted blackspot under control. I know it came from a bush that someone gave me, though I didn't realize it at the time. Now my whole rose garden is affected. Out of 5 bushes, one has died,… More

  • Black & Yellow Spots on Roses (Rust?)

    ...out yesterday taking new photos I noticed that my rose is having some problems. I didn't get a close look at it yesterday, but today when I was taking new photos of the problem it looks like rust. Can anyone give advice about how to treat… More

  • Black Canes on Roses

    ...t ?? I live in central Iowa and have 4 hybrid tea roses that are in the middle of my yard. I winterized them by mounding up dirt and putting chicken wire with straw around them. However, I did not put the wire up until… More

  • Honey dijon hybrid problems

    Not only am I fighting some black spot on my roses (at least I think it's black spot - black spots on leaves, leaves falling off/turning brown) - but my honey dijon roses used to be these large velvety soft blooms of a creamy honey dijon-mustard color. Two weeks ago… More



  • My ten rose bushes are infected

    ...h aphids, both white and green, then some type of black fly, then agreen worm. I dont know what to do anymore, nothing seems to work and I dont want to use harsh chemicals in my garden. Should I… More

  • very persistent black spot

    ...ble black spot problem this year on almost all my roses. I diligently cut off the affected leaves and dispose of them in the trash. They get lots of sun and have good circulation. Doe black spot stay in the stem? All my new leaves seem… More

  • Black spots on leaves

    ...dow....some of the leaves are turning yellow with black spots....anyone… More

  • black roses

    ...rious is there a plant that grows verry dark near black roses if so is it ok in zone 5 here? whats it called an yea i saw some black roses at wal-mart thought blood red based vase with black an almond like frit on the outside an… More