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Biennial Plants & Flowers

Biennial Plants & Flowers Articles

Biennial Plants & Flowers Videos

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  • Rate your new perennials

    ...un to share what we thought of our new perennials/biennials. Because they are perennial(biennial), include those that you planted 2-3 years ago as well: My faves: Crocasimia Lucifer, 2nd year- gorgeous foliage, fabulous red blooms that hummers love, didn't bloom until second year, but worth… More

  • Will Canterbury Bells return

    ...d year they flower, seed, and die. I'm looking at planting a biennial next year and was recommended by an avid gardener to plant 1/2 my seeds next year and the other 1/2 the following year!!! I was also told that perennials won't… More

  • Trilliums

    ... believe I read somewhere that wild trilliums are biennials - is that correct ? They - along with the Ladyslippers I have never come up in the same place twice - therefore I would think that possibly they seed after flowering ???? I haven't found the answer to that… More

  • what to plant when

    ...ly confused about the difference between Annuals, Biennials,and Perennials. Can some one explain it? Also I live on the North Coast, and I am having a hard time figuring out what herbs to plant here. Any tips?:p More

  • Practical Aspects of Herb Gardening

    Herbs have been around since time immemorial and served different kinds of purposes. They have been used to treat illness and flavour cooking; they were even believed to have magical powers. Do you want to have your own herb garden? Here are a few ideas on how to establish an… More

  • Butterfly Orchid

    I grew Butterfly Orchids, also known as Poor Man's Orchid this year. Schizanthus pinnatus is the official name. I really love them! They are peeking out here and there in the garden. They come in a variety of pinks and whites and some are very reddish. I ordered more to… More

  • Black Currant Swirl hollyhock back for encore

    ...oomed it's first year even though it's considered biennial. i saved every single seed from the 2006 blooms thinking i would have to start them again. the germination rate on this particular cultivar tends to be poor. it not only… More

  • Canterbury Bells Rose

    ...t wouldn't you know it, I read online that it's a biennial which makes me sad, but if I let the blooms go to seed, will… More

  • Angelica

    ...rum gets more traffic. Anyone have seeds for this biennial? Thanks! More

  • very tall plant with yellow spike of flowers

    Anyone know what this is, many of you do I am sure. Appears along highway roadsides and the like. Popped up in my front yard and I have spared it and allowed it to grow without weeding it out, and though it has that weedy appearance, the huge furry leaves… More

  • Brussels Sprouts

    ...ealthy but not a sign of sprouts. I read they are biennial plants grown as annuals and the harvesting period should be between 80 to 100 days, so... they are waaaaaaaay overdue!!! What should… More

  • Special Seeds Biennials and Perennials

    ...son is the Candy Mountain Foxglove! It is a hardy biennial. http://www.tmseeds.com/product/4471.html Most digitalis have downward facing flowers. This variety has flowers that face upward! Their fields of foxglove photos looks lovely too. Apparenty this comes in one color… More

  • Angelica

    ... biennial medicinal herb, but a very cool-looking plant to boot! I grew this in Wisconsin years ago but was unsuccessful saving seeds. It seems that the seeds only retain their viability for a very short time. Anyone? More

  • Are some apple trees biennial?

    I have Rome, Cortland, and Yellow Delicious apple trees. Last year I had the best crop I've had in their 20 year existence. This year only the Cortland had blossoms on it. The other 2 didn't have one. I've noticed the YD seems to produce scattered years, but I hadn't… More