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Beginning a Garden

Beginning a Garden Articles

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  • win a garden

    ... my house there's no money left to begin with the garden :( but in belgium we have the opportunity to win a garden for 10.000 Euro. You have to vote for a garden and the one with the most… More

  • At what age did you begin gardening as a hobbie?

    I started dabbling in gardening just a few years ago...I just turned 49. This coming Spring I'll be in it full throttle to make a hummingbird habitat...:D I was curious due to I don't hear or see too many that are much younger than 40...and when I was in my… More

  • Your Choice Tomato

    ...someone to grow their own heirloom tomato sampler garden at… More

  • "see" y'all next week!

    ...afternoon. Have a great weekend, everybody! Happy gardening! More

  • sweet potatos from cuttings?

    :D Hi,everyone ! Hope you're having a nice beginning to '09. Also hope someone knows the answer to this: I had sweet potatoes last summer, & took some cuttings to start a houseplant. it's doing well, & my husband suggested we start more plants this way, & put them in… More

  • Great book for beginning Florida gardeners(fruit)

    I purchased a book recently with loads of information on fruits that grow in Florida. I skimmed through it at the fruit and spice park in Homestead, but decided not to buy it there since they wanted $28 for it. I figured I'd get it cheaper on Amazon and I… More

  • The beginnings of our first spring seminar

    ...seminar at work is going to be on low maintenance gardening. I have been working on this part this morning...Let's hope I can attach it ok. Let me know what you think. Shade lovers are next, then a few trees and shrubs. I am having a hard… More

  • Little Water Garden Problem

    I have some water lilies and a water iris growing in a wine barrel. The lilies are growing, but the lilies and the iris especially is covered in some fuzzy slimy gray stuff that I think is algae. I put some water plant food in there today but I dont… More

  • August 1st

    ...ough the window that the white angel trumpets are beginning to bloom. So Yea! at… More

  • Favorite website for buying?

    ...re so many websites. What is your favorite online gardening store? More

  • Can't Live Without!

    ...tc.--but what plants are you just wild about that beginning gardeners might overlook? I'm ready to make a spring shopping list! More

  • NH Gardener

    Quite a challenge gardening in NH. We have about 3" of loam but mostly it is sand and rocks. I do a lot of soil ameding and am running two compost bins.I am reclaiming an overgrown area filled with brambles etc. The area has beautiful rocks in it so I… More

  • What Do You Call A Flowering Plant That Does Not Die In Winter?

    ...ower all year round more than one time? I am just beginning gardening so if this sounds silly please forgive me. :0 I know about… More

  • moonflowers

    ...the vine seeds (white) and planted them. They are beginning to sprout. I would love… More

  • Major Shade Lots of Heat

    I am brand new at this whole gardening thing. But, we just bought an itty bitty house with an 10'x30' side yard that buts up to the neighbors house. At most there are 3 hours of sun total a day, but that is generally between 11:30 - 2:30 in the… More

  • Dividing bulbs/plants?

    I was a complete foreigner to bulb/rhizome gardening until a few years ago when we completely relanscaped out yards ourselves. I got a great deal on some flowers that I have always been a big fan of and went to town planting bulbs... without realizing that they need to be… More

  • hi!

    my name is jacqueline. i am a beginning gardener. More

  • New gardener in Japan

    Hi gardeners, I'm really an elementary music teacher, but I have recently become interested in gardening in my itty-bitty yard (three feet by nine feet, half in the shade) in the outskirts of Tokyo. The yard has in it a persimmon tree (bears huge amounts), a loquat, a kumquat, a… More

  • Mike H's Mutant Mater...LOL!!!

    ...ld consider myself an advanced beginner in veggie gardening. Haven't been doing it all that long, but have seen some unusual happenin's in my short time, in my gardens and those of my gardening friends. Pretty sure many of us have had an oddball tomato or other… More

  • Herb Gardening

    I have an herb garden that my 6 year old daughter and I planted this year. It is planted in a very large container with about 6 different herbs. The plant have grown very large, we use some of the herbs in cooking and she entered them in our local… More

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