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Basic Plant Requirements

Basic Plant Requirements Articles

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  • DIY..Garden Tripod?

    ...garden tripods and have searched the internet for basic plans, but couldn't find any. I am wondering if I should use three or four poles? I want to use them for peas and or pole beans. Have any of you made your own… More

  • ficus an arboricola? questions

    ...ay both are verigated an yea im mainly corious on basic care fer them an that oh an when ta pull leaves from the ficus as afew well they dont look too good then theres the white stuff that oozes out of like… More

  • How do daffodils spread?

    I think I understand the basic method by which bulbs divide and propagate themselves. However I've recently experienced some daffodils spreading to parts of my lawn where they never existed before. How does that happen? Is a squirrel moving the bulb when its dormant or something?? I'm a bit baffled,… More

  • Black eye peas question

    ...to say, I'm a beginner at this, but I have a very basic question about blackeyed peas. Do I need to stake them like green beans, or do they just bush out? Stupid… More

  • Input on article?

    ...http://www.ehow.com/how_2102658_repot-bonsai-give-basic-maintenance.html More

  • Irsis transplant??

    ...ng them all up, cleaning out the beds, and then replanting them in the back of the beds closer to the house. This is my first time trying to garden and I could… More

  • What should I go with?

    I'm looking for some pretty basic stuff to pretty up my landscape. I think I've decided to go with some shrubs and perenials for my front yard. But as I'm going through the different nurseries, I am realizing that I don't know what I want :confused: Anyone have any suggestions?… More

  • Chinese Maple

    ...ee... My questions are as follows 1. What are the basic care features I should focus on for this tree 2. If I wanted to transplant it,… More

  • some photo tips

    ...ally bad pics kinda spurring me ta post here some basic things when shooting 1-- KNOW youre camera -might sound stupid or that but i can tell just by looking at the screen fer my olympus if its gonna be a… More

  • Hello from Southeastern Massachusetts

    :p I have just joined this site, but I have been trading on a couple of other sites this summer. This was my first year for seed saving and trading, but I'm loving it! My garden interests are * perennials, hardy to zone 6 and the more unusual the better,… More

  • growing herbs with shade...

    I'm trying to start a small herb garden. The issue is that I have lots and lots of trees around me thus I am left with shade and get maybe an hour or two of sunlight a day. I've done years of landscaping in the past but am new to… More

  • Garlic!!

    ...body know about how long it takes to grow and the basic care of garlic? The one book I have doesn't really give me much information about garlic at all. Please help???? Thanks, Jeanne More

  • starting marigold seeds

    ...? This is my first time growing seeds from my own plants so nothing is… More

  • Camellia confusion!

    ...dding a Camellia or two to the garden. I know the basic differences between C. japonica and C. sasanqua (leaves, flowers, etc.) but have been reading all kinds of differing opinions and stories about the cold hardiness, drought tolerance, and cultural requirementsMore

  • Spider plant blooming!?

    ...n water until I had nice long roots, planted in a basic Miracle Grow potting soil and… More

  • HELP with new house plant

    ... as the tag says. It of course came with the very basic of… More

  • A very basic composting question

    We have acquired a large yard, with over 2 mowable acres. Unfortunately, the yard was no longer mowed as of mid summer. And the oodles of trees have dumped a thick layer of leaves all over it. Good news is in the past two weeks we have raked and mowed… More

  • Beans

    ...urning into a cute little bean plant. It was your basic red bean. We never grew anything but green beans in the past. Can I grow this in a container? Will we get more beans? More

  • Name These Plants Please

    ...re are still 4 I'm not sure of. 3 of them, I know basic names but not exact and one (the last photo) has me completely stumped. To help for size… More

  • Which disign to choose?

    ...els and have staris made of rock, or I can have a basic flat gared. this will be a rose garden. Thank you:) More

  • Just your standard 'ole shade tree

    ... This tree is out front of my office. It's pretty basic and gives off great shade in the summer. Does anyone know what it is? More

  • How do I keep my tulip bulbs good til fall?

    ...oved into, so I'm dealing w/ the previous owner's plants & yard stuff.… More

  • what type of mint??

    ok theres this plant at my uncles hpouse last year it looked like stringy spearamint an thats what i thought it was(didnt nibble not till i know 100% what it is) so today im wporkin in the yard in findin bits of what i take is it growin in the… More

  • Basic Tomato Advice...

    On Sat at a garage sale I picked up a tomato plant for $1... The lady thinks it's a Beefstake variety?? Anywho it's was in a 4"pot, when I got home I put it in a 10" pot with soil... I know I need to get a cage for it,… More