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Barberry Shrubs

Barberry Shrubs Articles

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  • Barberry privacy hedge

    Anyone heard of Red Superba Barberry? I found it at Evergreen Nurseries - it is supposed to grow 6'x6' and has large burgundy leaves - very unusual. I am in Zone 5 (though with global warming are we all moving south????:p ) and would like something evergreeny to grow along… More

  • Barberry: pruning for flowers

    ...ulted in a beautiful mass of flowers all over the shrub, but I never am able to reproduce it. [Once I… More

  • pruning lilac, coffee grounds and slight bragging on new beds! LOL

    ...(dark purple flowers). It is already a good sized shrub (about 4 1/2 - 5') and currently has flowers on it (was blooming when we bought it). When do I prune it so that it will leaf… More

  • retaining wall cover question

    Last spring I planted 18 barberry shrubs along the base of a newly constructed retaining wall. Not one came out of dormancy all summer. By fall, they all appeared to be dead, or borderline alive. Here are some particulars: The wall is cinder block, ranging from 2-3' in height, 30'… More