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Banana Tree

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  • Deer Ticks in Containers

    Hello, again! I've been out of touch for quite a while. I'll post what's been going on in a more appropriate forum. My question of the moment, is: Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do about deer ticks in containers? I've got a bunch of containers. My… More

  • Tapes & Traps

    I found these and thought I would share, *Fruit fly traps Jar trap 1. Make a paper funnel. 2. Place the paper funnel into a jar containing few amounts of fruit bait. 3. Place the jar trap wherever fruit flies are seen. Fruit fly plastic bottle trap Materials needed o… More

  • Before and Now

    The first two pics are what the front of my house looked like when we moved in. And now, after several days of hard work pulling up those scraggly plants in the middle whose roots were way out into the middle of the yard, and shoveling up lots of grass/sod...… More

  • Do your homework before buying from this online nursery!

    The Nursery at Ty Ty seems to have many very dissatisfied customers. Evidently, they've had their name and negative comments removed from the Garden Watchdog website by threat of lawsuit. I just thought I'd warn everybody in case, like me, you tend to trust people. I stumbled upon some negative… More

  • New to site with lots to trade!

    Hi all, I have a ton of different seeds that I can trade I will list a few, but let me know if you are looking for something specific! thanks, lisa Oriental Poppies sunflower mix trumpet vine angel of peru datura cleome white daisy kentucky green beans acorn squash monkey… More

  • Banana Trees from Seed

    ...my husbands customers. The pulpy part of the tiny bananas has dried. Some that we didn't separate are all stuck together with the pulp. If anyone has planted banana trees from seed and has any advice that would be welcomed. I… More


    I'm so proud of my Banana Trees. Last year this was a barren spot. This year, I have my own tropical garden. I'm going to hate to see Fall set in. I know I'm going to have to dig them up and force them into dormancy. Oh well, I love… More

  • Banana Trees

    I divided 2 of my musa basjoo banana trees yesterday and transplanted them back in the ground.They are starting to wilt and dont look to good now,and i am wondering if they are going into shock.They all had good roots on the pups which were all about 3 feet tall.Please… More

  • Need help with Banana Trees

    I live in the Ozarks. I planted Banana trees, this year, outside. Does anyone know how I can "Winter Over" the trees,to plant outside next year. I don't think they'll make it through our Ozark Winter. I use to keep them in pots, on my sunporch, But, they take up… More

  • New Kid on the Block!

    I got on the web today to find out if I could transplant my hostas and I got on this website; figured it would be fun to do a forum! Gardening is challenging for me because I live at 8300', have clay soil, and a short growing season.:rolleyes: Also, on… More

  • I Had A Little Visitor Today!

    ...k head. Anyway, as I watched him flit around from treeMore

  • My Banana Trees

    this is a pic of my biggest Banana Tree http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v394/qcp/Jul24310.jpg this is my small Banana Tree that survived my Dogs digging it up and trying to eat it :eek: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v394/qcp/Jul24312.jpg this is my Travellers Palm I just planted on Friday 7/21 http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v394/qcp/Jul24311.jpg More

  • Banana tree help

    Hi, I have 2 Dwarf banana trees, potted and inside for the winter. Before I brought them inside ( I live in new york) , the most of the leaves died. Now inside, on of the trees has grown 2 new leaves, while the second tree doesnt seem to be… More

  • Flowering banana tree

    My dwarf cavendish banana tree is flowering! These pics are from yesterday morning. You can see some bananas peeking through in the pics, but every day they will come out more and more. Today I could clearly see about 10 of them. :D These pics are from two sides of… More

  • Banana Shrub

    I want a Banana shrub :party09: do you know where I might find one or where to order it from.They smell so good.I took a cutting from my brothers bush before he passed away but none rooted.He sold his land to pay his bills so his wife wouldn,t be left… More

  • Dwarf Pomegranate tree

    ... got a dwarf Pomegrante tree off ebay and a dwarf banana tree. The banana i think i can raise pretty good i have raised them before. But the Pom I could use tips on. My little beauty is only about 4 inches tall right now and in… More

  • HELP!!

    ... we have just moved into a nice house that had 22 banana trees growing in back yard.:D I was unpacking when I went to look outside and check on my 8 yr old. When I just wanted to fall down and cry. He decided to take a metal spatula… More

  • Question: Bannana puppies??

    ...everybody! I planted a hardy banana (Musa Basjoo) tree this year in my yard. I have pups coming off of it and I am wondering what do I do with them? Give them a milk bone? Cut them off and toss? Use them to start new trees ( if… More

  • dwarf cavender bananas

    I purchased a dwarf cavender banana tree at a local Home Depot today. I have no experience with it, but decided to give it a try. I bought a pot about 2.5 times larger than the one it is in now. I figure that will be big enough since it… More

  • Container for Banana tree?

    What size container should I use for a Banana tree? It is a Bloodleaf Banana. Thanks! Allison More

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