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  • Lucky Bamboo

    Dracaena sanderiana I was gifted one and it is quite a lovely weave I think! I broke one stem completely and that is what the little red tie is. :( I did not try a formal graft but I suspect you can graft it back to itself. Apparently this plant… More

  • Bamboo

    Ykikes! I have got 20x20 area of this stuff. Any suggestions on it's removal? More

  • to much humidity? bamboo sticks? white fuzzy fungus

    ...orner of the lid and noticed that where I put the bamboo skewers as placement reminders there was white fuzzy on the… More

  • Need help ID'ing this bamboo like plant

    ...oks, but cannot ID it. It looks like some sort of bamboo and has purple flowers that bloom in the AM and in all this heat, usually fall off by the… More

  • My bamboo is flowering

    It's a weeping variety in a large container. I just noticed small flowers on it. Is it doomed? The nursery where I purchased it this summer says no, that it will come back just fine in the winter. Should I cut the blooms off? More

  • Clipping "Lucky Bamboo"

    Hello all. I am new here, and am sure this has been asked or answered already, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me where to "clip" my LB to start new ones. I grow mine in water. Thank you More

  • Cucumbers

    ...e tried using for cukes.. I was thinking of using bamboo sticks..what do y'all think? More

  • Verification Please.

    ... always thought this was the noninvasive clumping Bamboo, until today. Is this the Nandina domestica "Heavenly Bamboo"? It sure looks like it but the leaves are not as red as the pictures I've seen so far. More

  • Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina)

    Just got me one this year. The greenhouse where I worked was tossing it due to frost burn or something.Who knows what they did to it before I was hired.I brought it home and just kept it watered. It is gorgeous - I love it .I'd have to say it… More

  • Lucky Bamboo

    I have a LB that I have had for 6 years. Something made me pull it out of the dish that it grows in. I have it in water and pebbles. The bottom is full with roots. The lower part of the stalk that has all the roots, has turned… More

  • Bamboo question

    ...ere's no Grasses forum, here I go: Bought a hardy bamboo plant three years ago, and it's THE most I've ever paid for one plant ~ $30. The man at the greenhouse cautioned me "oh, look out ~ it can go to 40' high and spread just as wide… More

  • Bamboo

    ...m putting a raised-bed vegatable garden where the bamboo is. I pulled out the major shoots. They were about 5 feet high. Now I know that it's running bamboo because I have found shoots that are from the roots but… More

  • bamboo plant

    i have a tall bamboo plant how can i get another start off of it i would like start another one any advice would be appreciated More

  • Bamboo Rake for zen Garden

    Does anyone know where I can order a life-size bamboo rake for my zen garden? I have been googling bamboo rakes and keep finding miniature desk rakes.:( More

  • Lucky Bamboo

    I have two Lucky Bamboo plants that are dying due to lack of care, but they have new sets of lush leaves growing from the bottom of them. What can I do to save the healthy part and get rid of the dead part? More

  • lucky bamboo dying

    soo i hav e a question should lucky bamboo just die or start dying? reason me and my mom both have containers with 3 stalks of bamboo in (bamboo is from ikea 3 is lucky 10 is sumthin else 1st time i found i got me 3 an her 1… More

  • Does Anyone Have Split Bamboo Fencing?

    ...es it was real flimsy! Does anyone have the split bamboo type? Is it better? Thanks , Halime -who is desperately trying to get a privacy fence put up cheaply as possible! More

  • Help with indoor bamboo! (the small grassy type)

    I have bamboo in a container in my house. It looks like grass, like the attached image. Since a couple of months it has slowly dried up, and now there is a single green stalk on it ! It's quite strange, this single green stalk is there since a long… More

  • Bamboo....Friend or Foe?

    Though there are many uses for bamboo in a landscape it can be quite a troublesome plant. When I first moved in I thought it was kinda neat that there was bamboo growing along side the back fence. Now I am not so sure. It has proven to be a… More

  • Lucky Bamboo

    The lucky bamboo is my new favorite houseplant! To read info on the Lucky bamboo or see photo go to: http://knownatural.blogspot.com/2008/09/fridays-feature-benefits-of-house.html More