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  • Mountain Gardens

    Any other mountain gardeners out there? Like 7000' and higher? I'm at 8300' with lots of pines and aspens :) and scrub oak and rocks :( :( The thing I have a problem with is identifying what will and will not work at this altitude. That seems to affect the… More

  • Cimicifuga not doing well

    I bought a big and beautiful cimicifuga (snakeroot?) last year and put it in a shaded garden in the backyard. It had lots of big blooms, and started putting up shoots this spring, but then petered out - it is half the plant it was when I took it out… More

  • Giving seeds away

    I had bought a bunch of seeds earlier this year but with my luck with seeds, I decided to buy plants for right now and maybe try seeds later in life. They've been sitting in my drawer all summer in my kitchen. Most I bought from people on ebay. I'm… More

  • pruning lilac, coffee grounds and slight bragging on new beds! LOL

    Hi. Among a bunch of other things...I just put in my first lilac (dark purple flowers). It is already a good sized shrub (about 4 1/2 - 5') and currently has flowers on it (was blooming when we bought it). When do I prune it so that it will leaf… More

  • Shade and Woodland Gardens

    Here's a thread just for lovers of gardening in the shade. Bring your questions here.....Ahhh, how peaceful it is in the shade! I am fascinated by shade and woodland plants! I have packed quite a few plants into my small shade garden. I have several hostas and ferns, two hardy… More

  • Free plants

    ... mint low lying cat mint lamium white coneflowers astilbe obediant plant sneeze weed anemone turtlehead cheloene Has anyone had… More

  • Help with Something for Part Sun Bed.

    ...se goes to sleep for with winter. I have peonies, astilbe, bleeding hearts, hostas, coleus, etc. But I want something evergreen that… More

  • Astilbe didn't do much this year

    I didn't get plumes or even many leaves. I don't know what happened. Could the perennial geraniums groeing near them have zapped all the life out of them? They were so pretty last year. I have pink and white ones. Or had them. Thanks in advance. More

  • New

    plants in my shade garden are a pink and red Astilbe and a pink Bleeding Heart. I have never grown Astilbe before. The Bleeding Heart I have tried but don't think it was in the right place. So I lost it. Somehow I think this new shady bed will be… More

  • How do you collect the seeds from these??

    ...s, or if they even make seeds-- sedum Autumn Joy, astilbe, and asters. On the sedums, each bud seems to have a few petal type things -- are those the seeds?? And with astilbe, there are obviously… More

  • Are they dying back for the winter?

    Do Astilbe, Bleeding Hearts, and ferns die back in the winter? I grew these in pots from bareroots during the summer and planted them in September. Everything was going fine and now they are looking bad. I just assume they are dying back for the winter but I want to… More

  • Combining heuchera and astilbe

    I have a partial shade border - mostly AM sun, PM shade - I have been very unhappy with it and had an epiphany as a makeover - trying to break my habit of one thing here, another thing there - my beds tend to have no theme, but I… More