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  • Weeds?

    ...hat is the flower/plant? I planted some seeds for asters & cosmos. It's about time for them to be pushing through the soil (I think?), but I'm not sure if I am seeing the flower I planted, or maybe just a… More

  • need ideas for my planned urban garden

    ...peration whole year round. I wanna grow MATSUMOTO ASTERS AND GERBERAS here.I… More

  • Taller Plants

    ...s, lilies, daylilies, beards tongue, phlox, Iris, asters, peony and probably a few… More

  • Fall dilemma

    ...awas River Valley in east central Ohio. I planted asters this year and love what they've done. Are they hardy in a 5/6 zone? Does anyone know whether I should dig them up and bring them in for the winter? What is the best way to… More

  • Church flower beds in desperate need of help

    I am new to this gardening thing but the small church I attend has 4 small flower beds that are 98% weeds. They just look horrible and I want it to reflect beauty not neglect. I would like to make them beautiful but need some help on the design. It… More

  • Georgia Aster

    ...georgianum, isn't this a pretty purple? My latest Aster of the season, this is the first one to open (many more to come!). This Aster looks more like a perennial than a shrub (like New England Aster). Spreads underground in favorable conditions. More

  • My Butterfly Garden

    i have a mix of white and purple aster, mums Butterfly Bush and Agastache blue fortune and black eyed susan More

  • What is your favorite perennial that blooms in August?

    ...rden for August into the fall.. any ideas besides aster and mums? More

  • Aster

    Where are the seeds on these? Is it after the flower drys....Kathy More

  • help with transplanting

    ...frican daisies, forget-me-nots, bachelor buttons, asters, sweet peas, snap dragons, and a flower garden mixture. Most of the seeds have grown into 3 or 4 inch seedlings and I was wondering when I needed to transplant them. Any advice? More

  • Aster dumosus pinch back? or too late?

    ...moved in a house with a garden. There are lots of Asters growing there, quite leggy (around 1 meter high). I just read that I should have pinched them back when they were 4-5 inches tall... So, should I pinch them back now ? How… More

  • purple aster

    ...e perennial and being sold for fall planting. All asters require/do best in full sun. Vera Who is still waiting for the purple/yellow eye'd fall asters on school campus to set seed! Vera More

  • Asters does this happen to any of yours?

    ...rently to prevent this? Or is this common amongst asters. Also is there an aster that… More

  • Asters Seeds

    I need help want to know where the seeds are on asters, Is it the dried flower??? Kathy More

  • wants please

    hi Elephantts ears leaf plant any asters yellow aster Lulliput blue moon spider asters cumumber dwarf bush type dwarf canna ,pinks ,yellow, white varigated canna zinnia swizzle zinnia Aztec sunset zinnia giant catus mixed zinnia Whirligig Agastache apricot sprit agastache any pink hollyhocks mied doulbes bright pink salvia fruit sage… More

  • Mini daisies?

    ...r and appear at the left side of this photo of an aster. Anyone know what they are? Sorry, folks, for the GIGANTIC-looking aster in the photo and the confusion! Although I guess there are miniature asters,… More

  • Ideas for fall containers

    ...anting them in the garden. What works well? Mums? Asters? More

  • Alphabet flower names

    ...amed---start next letter.... No. 1------ A is for Asters More

  • How do you collect the seeds from these??

    ... even make seeds-- sedum Autumn Joy, astilbe, and asters. On the sedums, each bud seems to have a few petal type things -- are those the seeds?? And with astilbe, there are obviously… More

  • my asters grow short

    I planted matsumoto asters this year, problem is they dont grow taller than 2 ft.Anybody help me grow my asters to 3 ft high on the average? More