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Aster Flower

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  • looking for

    ...sian doll gourds foxglove pams choice swan gourds aster blue moon aster spider types zinnia doubles zinnia swizzle zinnia pin wheel… More

  • help with transplanting

    ...frican daisies, forget-me-nots, bachelor buttons, asters, sweet peas, snap dragons, and a flower garden mixture. Most of the seeds have grown into 3 or 4 inch seedlings and I was wondering when I needed to transplant them. Any advice? More

  • Tall purple aster thing??

    OK, everybody's favorite -- an ID question without a picture. Stopped on the side of the road today to check out a gorgeous plant and didn't have my camera with me. I've been trying to look it up and haven't been able to find a photo. I think I've seen… More

  • Taller Plants

    ...s, lilies, daylilies, beards tongue, phlox, Iris, asters, peony and probably a few… More

  • Weeds?

    ...hat is the flower/plant? I planted some seeds for asters & cosmos. It's about time for them to be pushing through the soil (I think?), but I'm not sure if I am seeing the flower I planted, or maybe just a… More

  • The J.Beetles Will Not Eat List.

    I came across this list and thought I would share it. I consider it a general guideline because some of the plants listed have been attacked by the beasties. For instance, I know that petunias and dogwoods have been affected by them here in my area. Sorry for the long… More

  • Church flower beds in desperate need of help

    ...g thing but the small church I attend has 4 small flower beds that are 98% weeds. They just look horrible and I want it to reflect beauty not neglect. I would like to make them beautiful but need some help on the design. It… More

  • Alphabet flower names

    ...amed---start next letter.... No. 1------ A is for Asters More

  • How do you collect the seeds from these??

    ... even make seeds-- sedum Autumn Joy, astilbe, and asters. On the sedums, each bud seems to have a few petal type things -- are those the seeds?? And with astilbe, there are obviously… More

  • Seeds avaliable.

    ...eeds that I have avaliable for trade: *mammoth sunflower *Zinnia: California giant *Zinnia: lilliput mixed colors *Sweet William: Tall, single * Dianthus: mixed colors * Calendula: Pacific Beauty * Calendula: not sure, the pack just said "mix" * Marigold: Crackerjack mix * Gloriosa Daisy *… More

  • When/how to do the overhaul

    I am planning on overhauling the flower bed in front of my house. I have a few perennials and bulbs already there, which I'd like to keep, but I'll have to move them. When is the best time to transplant them, how should I go about it, and how should… More

  • searching for there seeds thanks looking

    hi looking for these seeds. annual flowers-vegs zinnia catus double dahlia. squash winter blue hubbard squash golden hubbard bright lights swiss chard bush cucumber purple bell pepper large type orange bell pepper yelllow bell pepper. beef steak differant types current tomotes peatunia large flowers-any canna dwarf orchid type.yellow ,white red,… More

  • New to site with lots to trade!

    ...ething specific! thanks, lisa Oriental Poppies sunflower mix trumpet vine angel of peru datura cleome white daisy kentucky green beans acorn squash monkey… More

  • Can someone draw up a garden idea for me?

    Hello :) Please send a PM to get the email addresss. I am having quite a bit of difficulty with trying to play my mom's memorial garden. It is kidney shaped and our house will be on the back curve of the kidney. We are planning to either have an… More

  • Asters Seeds

    ...ow where the seeds are on asters, Is it the dried flower??? Kathy More

  • Help planning memorial garden for mom...

    Hello :) I posted in another catagory without seeing this one sorry! I am having quite a bit of difficulty with trying to play my mom's memorial garden. It is kidney shaped and our house will be on the back curve of the kidney. We are planning to either have… More

  • Aster

    Where are the seeds on these? Is it after the flower drys....Kathy More