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  • Asparagus

    Hey Guys!!!! I do make it around from Thyme to Thyme! As to container growing, they really like to be "trenched" I suppose you could do this by Building a retaing wall of sorts in your pot. Just not sure how this would work. Hmmmm gotta thunk this one out More

  • Asparagus

    Does anyone know how long it takes for asapargus to show some sign of life after planting the roots. I'm afraid that I may have had a water drainage problem that damaged the roots. It's been a month since planting and nothing has happened. Is it time to give up… More

  • Asparagus help Evaporated salt?

    I love asparagus and since this is the 2nd year since I started a bed with crowns it's time to eat'em! But some of the stalks are looking kind of weak with some brownish look to em. My wife thinks there are bugs on em but I don't see em.… More

  • Asparagus

    ..., I have tried unsuccessfully for 3 years to grow asparagus so this year I decided to dig them up and plant something else in it's place, well surprise, finally a few spears apeared, I thought I got them all out but I guess I didn't. Could someone please… More

  • Popular Filler Plants?

    ...er plants for container gardens besides vinca and asparagus fern? More

  • Close up of yellow flower from my previous thread: Just Curious

    ...wards the bottom of the photo - much like that of asparagus ferns. More

  • Grilled vegeetables!

    Recipe time again (when ever is it NOT?!). Soon those fresh veggies will be flying out of the garden, so let's break out those grills. Here are three I have tried and loved, and one that is new to me, too. Let me know what you think! GRILLED CAULIFLOWER I… More

  • Just starting with Asaparagus HELP!

    I got my asparagus roots in the mail yesterday! YAY!! Sooo excited!! There was an established "crop" of it where I now am - until about 2 weeks before I went to look at the place. ARGH. Dug it all up. Nothing coming up anywhere. I was heartbroken, I LOVE… More

  • a bunch of seed questions

    how do you germinate blueberry seeds, asparagus seeds, rhubarb seeds, pomegranate seeds, and lavender seeds and pampas grass seeds? forgot to ask this. i left crape myrtle seeds in a unheated garage since may. will the still germinate? i soaked them for 24 hours then sowed them More

  • Moving asparagus

    ...g and have started harvesting my first home-grown asparagus! YEA! BUT I put too many plants in and they take up too much room and a coworker wants to plant some so how/when do I dig my plants up and give to her?… More

  • Asparagus

    We have a small bed of Asparagus and it produces tons of the stuff. We feast for over a month every year but it tends to get away from us and we end up giving it away or feeding the chickens. Is there a way to freeze it without losing… More

  • weed free asparagus patches

    my dad has a asparagus patch that is mostly grass. He heard that pouring salt water over it would kill the grass but not the asparagus. Does anyone know it this is true or could suggest ways to rid grass from his patch. thanks for your help More

  • Asparagus

    I love asparagus. We are doing raised beds. Can anyone tell me what I can plant with it? I am limited on the space and I am planting lettuce, carrots, beans (bush), tomatoes, peppers, green onions, squash, basil, and cilantro. When I was a young girl my dad had asparagusMore

  • Asparagus

    Does anyone grow asparagus? I love asparagus. Is it hard to grow? Take a long time to get edible size shoots? Need any certain type of soil?How do ya' grow it? Seeds? Rootstock? Someone tell me! More


    Have planyed asparagus roots in soil and left half of the roots exposed to the air. Someone explained that this was the wrong way to plant the roots. There has been a stem growing out from all of the roots. Do i cut this stem back or not? Also, do… More

  • Asparagus & Farfalle

    asparagus & Farfalle Pasta 1-16 oz. bag of frozen cut asparagus, thawed and blotted dry or 1# fresh asparagus, lightly blanched 1/4-1/3 cup light olive oil 1-bulb garlic, separated into cloves and minced(I use the pre-minced garlic in a jar) 4 oz. of farfalle(bowtie)pasta, cooked and drained Grated parmesan cheese… More

  • Will asparagus hurt garden?

    ... would like imformation reguarding the growing of asparagus in my garden, how close to other vegs(tomatoes and peppers) would be a safe distance to plant. Or if there are any pests or special requirements for growing these veggies together? Thank you Brian More

  • Asparagus

    Hi, Growers I cut my first year asparagus plants down before the foliage withered and died, they were still green - was this a boo boo and if so , are there any suggestions that might help me counter my mistake.... Thanks, Frank More

  • Asparagus Questions for anyone

    I have some asparagus seeds that I want to start growing. Is it true that you have to wait for about 3 growing seasons till they mature enough to actually pick? More

  • asparagus

    Hi My asparagus bed has so much grass in it that i am afarid it will run myasparagus out. Someone told me to put rock salt in it and it would kill the grass and not hurt the asparagus. Is this true ? Thanks More