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Aquarium Planting

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  • Another newbie........

    :banana-wa Hello!!! I googled---Plant Identification Forum---and surfed right in. This appears to be a great place for gardners. I am looking forward to reading post and visiting with you guys. I live in Central Kentucky, retired, and have home with 1/2 acre lot. Of that 1/2 acre, a good chunk… More

  • New here, and I like it!

    ...ntucky, and I'm into gardening, herbs, roses, and aquariums. Hope to leanr a lot around here. See you soon! Pennygale More

  • Gold fish eggs....

    Just curious... Has anyone on here tried propagating their koi or gold fish? I found a website that made it sound fairly simple and think just for the heck of it may try this year... I find my filters full of eggs in the spring as well as eggs on… More

  • anyone have planted aquariums?

    Here’s my 6 gallon tank. The two guppies in the picture are the only fish in the tank. More

  • My Pets :)

    MY pups... I have Missy a 7 year old Toy Poodle my daughter gave me 6 years ago on my birthday. She is solid black, and a spoiled rotton baby :) I also have a recent addition to the family a 4 month old Tiny Toy Poodle she is a… More

  • Extreme Interest in Watergardens!!

    I have always wanted to start a water garden in a aquarium. but i am not sure how to go about it. Any pointers??? More

  • The Great Herb Debate

    ...try starting herbs from seeds. I plan on using an aquarium as my herb/veggie nursery. I read in a… More

  • grow lamps and hubby vent!

    One of my setups is a four foot long aquarium with a shoplight resting on the top.I use large pots to boost the seed trays up close to the lights.Works great,been using this for years.I get more use from this tank than I ever got when we had the fish. More

  • Anyone Ever Used Aquarium Lights For Seedlings?

    Just wondering if they would be ok for the seedlings!! I found 2! More